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Best Amazon Refrigerator Inverter Offers (Capacity 185 to 200 Liters):

Amazon Best Selling Inverter Fridges (Capacity 185 to 200 Liters):

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Best Refrigerator Offers

Best Refrigerator Offers

Find the best offers for inverter refrigerators of various brands such as LG, Samsung, Godrej and Whirlpool. You can buy single door or double door. Capacity ranging from 185 Liters to 300 Liters.

A kitchen without a refrigerator is unthinkable and yet soaring electricity bills have become a household worry. With electric power required to run so many appliances in modern living, any technology that can help reduce power consumption is more than welcome.

Inverter Refrigerator:

Inverter Refrigerator reduces electricity consumption by running the compressor according to its need to cool and maintain the temperature inside of the fridge.

There has been a recent breakthrough in the manufacture of refrigerators using inverter technology. If you want to upgrade your refrigerator, well go for one with inverter technology without having any qualms about the price as you shall soon recover its price in terms of electricity savings. Such refrigerators can cut down power consumption by 30% to 50%.

These days, all the companies such as Samsung, LG and others are offering Refrigerators and Buy Air Conditioners based on Inverter technology.

How does inverter refrigerator work?

Let us understand the working of a refrigerator. The conventional compressor uses electricity to compress the gas formed by the refrigerant HFC (Hydro Floro Carbon) when it moves in liquid form in the pipes or coils on the rear of the refrigerator taking heat from contents kept inside the refrigerator. HFC thus keeps on turning from liquid to gas and vice versa.

What is Thermocouple?

Thermocouple, a device in the refrigerator, continuously senses the temperature on the inside of the refrigerator and controls the working of the compressor according to settings. Hence most compressors are so designed that they cater to peak load as well as the heat that escapes in whenever the refrigerator door is opened, without any distinction between summer and winter. This leads to wastage of electricity in winters. The compressor thus keeps on going on and off to continue functioning. This process uses a lot of energy.

How does the Inverter Compressor work?

It became imperative to adopt energy-saving techniques in the making of compressors. Continuous efforts brought in the desired results and today we have what is called inverter technology. The new compressor is much like a car accelerator. Just as the accelerator is used to decide the speed, similarly the new compressor is so designed that it adjusts according to load. Not only is the load less in winter but there are temperature variations between day and night. So there is tremendous cut down in power consumption. The new compressor does not switch on or off with temperature variation, but simply adjusts its speed. This feature helps to stabilize the temperature inside. Another good point is that this doesn’t make as much noise as the conventional compressor.

Other Important Points to Checkout:

  • However, before buying a new refrigerator, one must take the following points into consideration:
    It is important to check the capacity of a refrigerator. It is always good to opt for one with more inside space as it suits modern lifestyles where more cooked food, as well as fresh stock, needs to be stored in.
  • We should not forget the innumerable bottles that need to be accommodated too.
  • You might measure the available space in your kitchen before ordering your refrigerator.
  • Don’t forget that the door should open at least 90 degrees.
  • Rule out a single door refrigerator as its only plus point is that it is budget-friendly.
  • These days there are some beautiful vertical refrigerators with two or three doors, side by side doors, or even French door ones that you can consider.
  • All latest models are frost-free with superior cooling features, you must be sure.
  • Whatever be your choice, make sure you go for inverter technology. This is one decision you will never regret.

The most popular Inverter Fridge is Samsung Digital Inverter Fridge. There are plenty of models. You can choose according to your requirements.  You can buy any fridge at the discounted price at Amazon with Amazon Discount Coupon Code.

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