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Exchange your old geyser with the new one at Amazon. Find exchange offers for geysers of all top brands such as Crompton, Bajaj, Havells, and AO Smith.

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Types of Geyser, Water Heating Equipment

There are four types of Water heating equipment

1. Electric Geyser
2. Gas Geyser
3. Solar Geyser
4. Immersion Rods
5. Convex Lens Water Heating equipment

Electric Geysers

Most of the people use electric geysers because they consider that electric geysers are cheap and easy to install. You can exchange your old geyser with the new one at Amazon, because at times, there are exchange offers available. In any case, if there is no exchange offer, OLX and other sites are the available if your geyser is in working condition. If it is totally damaged, even you can fetch Rs 500 or something buy selling it to a ragman.

Whenever you want to buy a geyser, you must go for quality top brands such as Crompton, Bajaj, AO Smith, and Havells. There are storage geysers and instant geysers. Storage geysers are generally 15 litres and 25 litres. You can choose according to your needs. In case of storage geysers, you have to switch on the geyser at least 15 minutes advance, you want to use the hot water. In case of instant geysers, you need not switch in advance but whenever you want water , you can switch it on. You check out the basic features, before you go for an electric geyser:

a. Safety valve for pressure release
b. Glass coated heating element
c. Automatic thermal cut-out
d. Adjustable thermostat settings
e. Rust proof outer body and so on
f. Star rating

Safety valve in the geysers work the same way as in the pressure cooker. The safety valve is designed in a way to relieve pressure automatically and discharge water in case the pressure overshoots the pre-set limits.
Glass coated heating element saves you from electric shocks. Therefore, it is very dangerous to use a naked element in the buckets as the students do in the hostels.

At home, you should never use naked element because young kids and babies if touch the water or the bucket turns turtled it can be fatal to their lives.

The auto cut feature of the geyser saves energy by turning the unit off automatically after heating. It also helps in preventing the water heater from burning out and causing accidental damage.

Some of the geysers are equipped with thermostat settings. You can set the number as in case of an iron. You understand how quickly the heat shoots up in case of iron if you put it on cotton. Slow and steady things are the best though they consume more time but they are safe.

Gas Geysers

Gas Geysers are attached to the gas cylinder or connected to the gas pipeline. These are also instant type of geysers. Whenever you want to use hot water, you can switch on the gas geyser. Some people do not like to install gas geysers because they hate LPG gas so much that it is their helplessness that they have to use LPG gas in the kitchen. They simply don’t trust LPG gas equipment.

Solar Geyser

They save electricity but solar geysers are expensive to install. Therefore, people who have surplus money, go for solar water heating equipment.

Convex Lens

As you know, you can burn a match stick if you focus sun rays on to the match stick. Similarly, people living in the mountains use a big convex lens to heat water during the day time.

Geyser Exchange Offer | Bajaj Gas Electric Water Geysers
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