Samsung Refrigerator Exchange Offer at Amazon under Rs 25000

Samsung Fridge Refrigerator Exchange Offer under Rs 25000

Samsung Double Door Fridge Refrigerator Exchange Offer under Rs 25000

Samsung 5 Star Fridge Refrigerator Exchange Offer under Rs 25000

Samsung Top Fridge Refrigerator Exchange Offer under Rs 25000

Best Samsung Fridge Refrigerators Exchange Offers under Rs 25000

Amazon offers the Best Samsung Single and Double Door Inverter Refrigerators under Rs 25000 in India against Exchange Offer. Choose from Top Samsung models.

Fridge Refrigerator Buying Guide:

Best Refrigerator under Rs 25000 in India | Samsung LG Haier

Before you buy a refrigerator, you must check out the following points.


The capacity of refrigerators is ranging from 45 L to 700 L generally.  There are single door fridges, double door, triple door and side by side Refrigerators.

Best Mini Fridge – 40 liters to 120 Liters:  It is a bedroom fridge, very compact, good for bachelors, single girls or boys. You can use in the hotel rooms as well in the Guest Houses. It is very economical, takes less space, does direct cooling.  There is on separate freezer. You can check out a few good options for brands Haier, Godrej, and LG capacity 45 L to 99 L.

Best Single Door Fridge Refrigerator 130 L to 200 L: It is good for a couple with one or two kids. Good space in the freezer. Economical. Fridges with Inverter Compressor are more economical as explained in this article.

Best Selling Inverter fridges Offer Capacity 190 L to 192 L

Best Selling Inverter Fridge Refrigerators Offers Capacity 190 L to 192 L

Best Single Door Fridge Refrigerator Offers 210 L to 250 L:

It is good for a family of 4 to 5 persons. Single door refrigerators are for the people who do not like to eat frozen food because there is no extra cabinet for it like the double door refrigerators. There is enough space in the freezer. All are with inverter technology Compressor. Capacity 210 L to 270 L. A few models have digital auto defrost.

Best Double Door Fridge Refrigerator Offers 230 L to 500 L:

It is good for a family of 5 to 7 persons. There is ample space in the freezer. You can keep frozen food like chicken and other items. All are with inverter technology Compressor. Capacity 253 L to 265 L. A few models have digital auto defrost.

Best Triple Door Fridge Refrigerator Offers 240 L to 500 L:

Triple Door refrigerators are supplied by Whirlpool. You can keep vegetables and fruit in the bottom-most box. There is ample space in the freezer. Good for a family of 5 to 7 people. It all depends upon your buyings.  If you stock for a week you just need a larger refrigerator of capacity above 300 L. We are giving here below the triple door refrigerators of Whirlpool brand.

Best Side by Side Door Fridge Refrigerator Offers 500 L to 700 L:

If you can go beyond Rs 25000 there are a few good options in large refrigerators. Side by side Door refrigerators are with high capacity ranging from 500 L to 700 L. It needs a bigger space in the kitchen or near the kitchen. This is enough for a family of up to 10 members. It can e used for a service apartment of 4 bedrooms or so as well paying guest accommodations. There is ample space for everything. All big fridges are manufactured with Inverter technology compressors to consume less energy. You can use the freezer and the refrigerator at the same time and can take out anything from both the places in one go.

Best Refrigerator – French Door Fridge Refrigerator Offers 400 L to 700 L:

French door refrigerators are also in the high range beyond Rs 25000. In the case of the french door, you need to open only that portion which you are going to use. Therefore, it saves energy consumption. There are wider shelves, big door bins, very deep drawer freezers, and adjustable top shelves that make it easy to store tall items.

Defrosting System:

There are two systems one is direct cool and the other is frost-free.
Direct Cool:

Direct cool is with manual defrosting. It is based on natural convection and is capable of preserving fruit for a lesser period of time. Whenever there is too much ice in the fridge, you have to defrost it manually. From the following image, you can understand the process, merits, and demerits of the system.

Direct Cool Refrigerators

Frost Free:

Frost-free is automatic. It defrosts automatically. Fruit can be preserved for a longer time. There are electrical fans to keep the food fresh.

Frost Free Refrigerators

Energy Rating:

The energy efficiency rating in case of refrigerators is updated on annual basis. It makes it imperative that you check for the latest rating. The rating is being set over standard test conditions. The energy use may vary depending upon the actual usages.

For example there is a 250 liter frost free refrigerator which consumes 1100 units of energy in a year, with a zero star rating. If you consider an average unit cost @ Rs 2,50, the savings will increase if the star rating goes up. You can understand this from the following table.

Energy Saving Refrigerators

Inverter Technology Compressors:

Inverter technology helps in saving electricity consumption. It also increases the life of a compressor. It works by switching the compressor to a lower capacity when the temperature falls below the set temperature. The compressor start working only when more cooling is required. It saves 20% to 30 %.

Refrigerators with inverter compressor

Other Refrigerator Features:

You can also check out the following features while selecting the right refrigerator for your needs.

Number of Shelves:

If there are more shelves, it reduces the space. You can not keep the tall milk utensil or other articles.

Vegetable Storage:

If you buy vegetables on a weekly basis you would need more space.  Therefore you have to choose the fridge accordingly.

Pedestal Drawers:

Pedestal Drawers give you more space for non-refrigerated products like onions and potatoes.

Convertible Freezer:

Some of the freezer are convertible giving you more space other refrigerator items.

Toughened Glass Shelves:

Toughened glass shelves sustain more weight and ensure any spill inside the fridge.

Water and Ice Dispensers:

Some of the big refrigerators are equipped with ice and water dispensers.

Coo Pack:

If there is no electricity, Cool Pak feature keeps the frozen food at least for 12 hours and maintains the cooling of the fridge to a significant extent.

Samsung Refrigerator Exchange Offer at Amazon under Rs 25000
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