Why Apple is the Best? | Why Apple is so Popular?

Today Apple is the Premium Brand. People who use Apple products can explain to you well about it. Apple has control over both the operating system and the hardware. You can buy Apple Smartphones, Smartwatches, iPads, Laptops and many other Apple products at Flipkart at Discounted rates with Flipkart Offers Today Special Offer. Thus they can really optimize everything to work together perfectly. Apple has control over what goes into their systems so they know everything is going to work the best.

Why Apple is the best & so popular

How Apple is better than Android, you can check out this video:

Apple has always followed a pricing and marketing strategy which helps to project them as the premium brand in the market. Apple products have a tendency to serve the status requirements of the customers and always also have a way to make the customer believe that they are investing in the product which is elite and thereby helps to feed their sense of belonging to a group who use top end technology. Everything from the design of the device, the packaging and even the layout of the store- has a deluxe feel to it. We have listed a few important points below to let you know why you should choose an Apple product over the others in the market.

Stable System: OS10 is more reliable than any other software and is less likely to crash. Because of Apple’s tight integration of apps, stringent app store approval process and the fact that they carefully optimize the software and the hardware to work well together. Mac runs smoothly and is more reliable.

Less Prone to Virus: A MAC system rarely gets the virus. Most viruses are written for windows machine and it’s harder to write it for OS10. But you need to be cautious with what you download as it is not 100 % safe.

High End builds quality: MAC computers have become renowned for how aesthetically pleasing they are to the eye. Apple was the first to begin the trend of designing and building their Laptops using aluminum unibody construction methods. The results speak for themselves. Their computers feel premium and are well built. They are of excellent quality.

Real Value: No doubt they are a bit more expensive as compared to their competitors. However, they do hold their value well over the years. Because of the strength of Apple’s brand, their computers are highly sought after. So when you are finished with your computer and wish to sell it you end up getting a nice value for it.

Good After Sale Support System: Apple consistently scores high in customer service polls when compared to their competitors. This goes not only for the apple store staff but also the ‘over the phone technicians’ or customer support teams. Everyone is always happy with the service on the rare occasions that they have to contact the customer support. They are passionate about their products; they are hard working, polite and professional.

Data migration/transfers are easy: Transferring or migrating data from your old MAC to the new one is rather simple and a process when compared to migrating from one windows system to another. Apple has developed great built-in applications like “time machine” and “migration assistant” making it a seamless process. Your older MAC can be recreated perfectly in just a few steps. This is because Apple wanted to focus heavily on fine-tuning the process so as to ensure that the switch from one Apple system to another is as trouble-free as possible. In others, you usually need a third party application.

Fewer updates: You have very few updates on Apple desktops and phones compared to the competitors.

Uninstalling applications are easy: In other systems, for you to uninstall any programs or applications, one has to go to the control panel and perform multiple numbers of steps while in case of a MAC you simply drag the application to the trash and voila! You are done.

Preinstalled applications: Apple has some powerful productivity and multimedia applications out of the box. It’s a lot easier to organize your multimedia content and as well as to create new content using the i-life and i-work applications that come included with every new MAC. It also has Apple i-movie for basic video editing of the music making application called the garage band is also preinstalled. Because Apple makes their own software, they run smoothly within MAC OS and Apple hardware.

But mind it, never update the software of your old model.  I don’t know why the search gets slow after updates.  You can also check out ‘Must have Gadgets for Men‘.

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