5 Fashion Trends you should follow this Summer

Summer Fashion

Summer is approaching in India and you should be aware of the ongoing trends to follow this spring and summer season. Be ahead of the time as we are going to tell you about the future fashion trends of India as follows:

The Off Shoulder Trend:

Off Shoulder Trend


Bare your shoulders because this season it’s all about fling off your sleeves; this trend is quite accomplished and you will have more options from day-wear to evening.  You can find plenty of designs on the tops at Flipkart. Off Shoulder is the latest trend and women are creating new designs every day.  You can buy off shoulder tops at a discounted price at Flipkart with Flipkart Discount Coupons.

Romantic Ruffled:

Ladies Summer Wear

Ruffles, pleats, laces are just a few ideas that catch your attention when you are in store. A Sensual sari or a frock; flirty ensembles will appeal their way into your closet.

Half Moon bags:

Half Moon Bags

Move over your bucket bags, the Half-moon bags are going to be the latest trend. A bag with new geometrical shape, long strap, is going to take the pace. There can be any natural shade of the bag because half moon bags are the perfect carry bag for the essentials.


Raffia Fashion

The hot weather fabric lined many shades. The fibrous textile extracted from palm trees was a standard thread for numerous designers and elegance setters. Raffia-fringe belts and necklaces were superimposed over trousers silhouettes whereas superior and bottoms were lined with it.

Paperbag Waists:

Paperbag Fashion

Trousers with a paper bag waist clinch your frame and additionally offers volume on the top and bottom. You can create a lot of designs in paperbag waist garments.


Paperbag Fashion

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