How to check quality of a Shirt?

If you are buying a particular brand for your shirts, you must check whether the particular brand provides the real quality of shirts or not.

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You can check out a following video to check Quality of a shirt:

Material: If the shirt is made out of 100% cotton fiber, it is good for the skin because cotton fiber provides breathing.  Cotton is not hydrophobic like Polyester. Some of the manufacturers use Polyester/cotton fabric and the other Cotton/viscose.  100% polyester shirts are not good for human skin.  Cotton/viscose is ok but 100% cotton is the best material.

Buttons: Mother of pearl buttons are considered the best.  Plastic buttons, if made out of the poor quality of Plastic are not good because they can melt with the touch of iron. Avoid shirts with thick buttons.  The thread used to sew the button should be closed at the back of the button with a knot.

Machine stitching: If stitches/inch are more, the stitching is more sturdy.   But you have to see the stitching may not give a shrunk look or a little awkward look.

Side seams:   If side seams are folded and stitched, they provide more strength to the seams.

Gussets: Nicely stitched gussets provide strength to the side seams from coming apart.

Wrinkle-free Shirts:  Wrinkle-free shirts are not good for the skin because the fabric is treated with chemicals such as Formaldehyde.  It can cause skin irritation if your skin is very sensitive.

Two-ply Cotton Yarn:  If the shirt is made out of double yarn, it is stronger than the shirts made with the single yarn.

Pattern Matching: The pattern should be matched at seams, whether it is a stripe or a check shirt.

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Collars: You can check the collars, they should be nicely made.  If the stitching is not done correctly i.e. if it is not even and tight specifically around the collars, it would look odd. Good quality fusing should be used so that there may not be bubbles after the washing.

Buttonholes: Buttonholes should be nicely made closed at the one corner.  They should not be loose and very tight.

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