What your shoes say about your Personality?

Your Shoes reflect your Personality. Shoes reveal how nicely they are maintained. This shows how clean, tidy is the person.

If you want to gauge a man, look at his shoes. This is really true as men have very little choice when it comes to accessories.  Among these few, shoes are the most noticeable. This is a very generalized statement that shoes maketh a man. Men have to use shoes to create their own individual style. No doubt there are other accessories like belts and watches that he can flaunt but shoes are his personality, his very nature! So, no man can or should afford to ignore this single most important part of his personality.

Roald Dahl said in his short story, ‘The Umbrella Man’, “You can always spot a gentleman by the shoes he wears”.  This is what your shoes say about your personality.

There are many reasons that make shoes so important for man, but I have earmarked the five most important ones that will require your attention.

1. Women are obsessed with shoes:

Believe it or not, the first thing a woman is bound to notice in a man is his shoes. She simply does! Other than noticing shoes, she is quick to form an opinion about the man. Now “that’s unfair”, you would say. But this is how it is with most women. So watch out! Surely you don’t want to ruin your chances of impressing any woman? Even if you get a pair of shoes as a gift, make sure they are the kind that compliments you, else you were the best to dispose of them. Your Personality reveals what your shoes say about it.

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2. People notice you:

Your shoes reveal the kind of person you are. Much can be concluded about you by just taking note of your shoe choice. Your dress is incomplete if you don’t wear shoes that match or if your shoes are out of place. Don’t rush. Spend good time looking for shoes that go with your dress and make you feel poised and in control. Survey your shoe closet. If you have any flat squarish shoes, lose no time. Just dispose of them! These are mostly ugly.

3. Mood indicator:

One can make a near guess of a man’s mood by looking at his shoes. Not all days are alike nor all occasions are. Use your presence of mind. Keeping in mind the kind of day that is ahead of you, fish out the most befitting pair of shoes from your closet. The language of shoes for men is eloquent. They will tell about his mood even before he himself finds words. Now if you are wearing sports shoes and say, “sorry I am not much for outdoor activity today”, you will make someone raise an eyebrow for sure!

4. Trendsetter:

Every individual is different from having his own likes and dislikes, hobbies and preferences. Some people are trendsetters. What they do, others follow. Generally speaking, people who are focused in life are the ones who are immaculate in their own personal style. They get noticed because of their constancy. Their regular shoe style, shoe color and brand become a trend. Some men manage their shoes with great ease. Hence many people use shoes as an index to their personality. So much so, that they are often referred to by their shoe habits. Get into the habit of regularity, especially at work.  After all, this is what your shoes are going to say about it.

5. Pragmatic aspect:

It is pragmatic to wear the right kind of shoe for the right kind of occasion. This reflects the man’s own judgment. This shows the man is in control. This is indicative that the man makes it a point to set himself in the right mood by choice. Personality is the entire picture of the man and nothing can go amiss if he is careful. Yes, shoes make the man but it is up to the man to make the best choice.

So, all you men out there, if you want others to look at you with your eyes, get a pair of shoes that best describes you and not just what is popular or in fashion. One can experiment with dresses but certainly not with shoes. That’s about all I wish to say.

Views of the Site Owner: Many women look at the shoes you are wearing. Therefore, Guys! Be careful, if you want to leave a good impression in the minds of women.  Always polish your shoes and keep it clean. Otherwise, your shoes are going to tell that the person is not tidy, clean, nice, and a decent one.

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What your shoes say about your Personality?
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