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Bangalore is the third most populous city and one of the fastest-growing metropolis of India. It is rich culturally as well as economically. It is also known as the Silicon Valley of India as the city has many international entrepreneurs from various countries who moved here and diversified the city. You can also observe the variation in the food culture by visiting the restaurants mentioned below.

Bangalore is the number one Cyber Hub of India. Everywhere, there are software engineers. If you are the one, you must know the top restaurants where you can have delicious food, a cup of strong coffee to punch the great codes into the software you are going to create :-).

1. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a luxurious dining place owned by Sonali Sattar and Himanshu Dimri who offer you great food and design in their hideaway. It has a modern, contemporary and cozy vibe including outdoor seating and live music. It is situated in Bannerghatta road away from the buzz of the city. Hence it is a perfect place for people to relax and have a quality time with their families while relishing their famous cocktails and seven-course European meal. The food and ambiance of this place will leave you amazed. It is often described as ‘paradise in the middle of nowhere’ and ‘perfect romantic spot’.

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2. Karavalli

Best Restaurants in Bangalore Karavalli

Karavalli at the Gateway Hotel is one of the fanciest and lux dining in the city. This place has a lot of rustic and coastal feel to it. It is mentioned in the list of San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and is known best for it’s South Indian cuisine. The Head Chef Naren Thimmaiah includes various authentic dishes from Mangalore, Konkan, and Kerala. They are famous for their- Seafood, Mutton Curry and stew, Avial, Appam, and Cocktails. It is a perfect spot for relaxing with family in outdoor seating while savoring the food and enjoying nature.

3. Cafe Thulp

Best Restaurants in Bangalore Thulp

The Cafe Thulp is one of the most loved and affordable hangout places in Bangalore. They have five branches around the city and they serve Italian cuisine, snacks, and salads. They have a very casual and contemporary vibe and they have many board games which makes it a fun place to visit with friends. Their most popular dishes are- fries, pasta, salad, milkshakes, sandwiches, waffles, beef patty, buffalo wings, and burgers.

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4. Edo Japanese Restaurant and Bar or ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

Best Restaurants in Bangalore Edo

Edo Restaurant, situated in the ITC Gardenia Hotel is another luxury dining with contemporary, modern and elite feel to it. They serve authentic Japanese cuisine with talented sushi chefs preparing mouth-watering dishes in the open sushi bar. This makes Edo the best Japanese restaurant in the country. The most loved and recommended dishes include- Sushi, Shabu Shabu, Teriyaki Chicken, Oysters, Tiramisu, Tempura, and Salmon. The minimalist decor, the outdoor seats, the food, the full bar, and the soothing Live music make this restaurant a great place for a family or work gathering.

5. The Reservoire

Best Restaurants in Bangalore The Reservoire

The ‘Reservoire’ is a rustic yet contemporary, three floors dining restaurant in Koramangala, Bangalore. The indoor dining area has glass windows which gives a great view of the roads. Outdoor seating and rooftops have glass ceilings which give it an open feel. There is Continental, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Finger food, Desserts, Delicious Beverages, Live music, and sports screening. They are famous for Peppy Paneer Pizza, Caramel Custard, Chicken Tikka and Drinks. Be it personal gatherings or official parties, brunches or late-night hangouts, this place is great for all.

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If you live in Bangalore or visit you must visit these amazing hangout joints Bangalore.

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