How CCD has become the top Coffee Restaurant in India?

Most of us here, are aware of this loved catch-phrase- ‘A lot can happen over coffee’. Coffee lovers popularized it, however, it was introduced to the world by ‘Café Coffee Day’ cafes which are commonly known as “CCDs”.

CCDs are a part of Coffee Day Global Limited. They made their first cafe in Brigade Road, Bangalore, which opened in 1996. The youth and the coffee lovers loved the cafe so much that there were demands for more. Now there are over 1.5K outlets around the country. And due to the word of mouth and social media the CCD became an International food chain.

Mr Siddhartha is the person who took the CCD Cafe to the New Heights.

They have their restaurants in Vienna, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nepal, Egypt and more. As it is one of the fastest growing places in India, it has been awarded many awards like Best Coffee Bar, Coolest Café, India’s Most Popular Coffee Joint and many more.

Why CCD?

Cafe Coffee Day turned out to be one of the favorite hangout places and continue to be one the most happening cafes in every city. The Freshly brewed coffee, the intoxicating scent of coffee and hot chocolate, the exotic delicacies, the lux wood furniture, and the mellow vibe of CCDs make them an ideal place for one to sit and have a swell time.

It is not only a great hangout place for friends, family, young lovebirds, and book lovers but it is also an ideal place for people who just want to sip on their coffees, discuss and make deals. It is not only cool and classy but also affordable and inexpensive.

What to have at CCD?

CCDs are famously known for their aromatic, rejuvenating and delicious cup of coffees made from freshly roasted coffee beans. Some of the most loved coffees are- Cappuccino, Hazelnut Coffee, Espresso, Frappuccino, and Mocha. Each of these coffee gourmets is made from the best-selected beans from Coffee day’s own plantations.

From planting seeds to pouring it in your cup,  their experts monitor all the steps involved in making coffee. The roasted beans are kept in the aluminum packets before they go into the vending machine to preserve the freshness and the aroma.

With refreshing and eye-opening coffee, one also needs nourishing and energizing food, and unlike bakeries or fast food joints, CCD serves appetizing food dishes. Garlic Bread, Sandwiches, Wraps, Pizzas and Burgers are popular among the bread lovers.

There are many snacks like Nachos and samosas available too. Dishes like Cocoa Fantasy Pastry, Crackling Brownie, Cocoa Éclair and Mousse are the most popular desserts of CCD. Although it is famous for coffees, CCD also serve a variety of different beverages, such as, various types of tea, milkshakes, juices, and mocktails.

You can checkout CCD Menu for more details.  If you want to place an order at CCD, through Swiggy and get the discounts with Swiggy Coupons for Existing Users.

Regular CCD customer?

Some people are addicted to it, while some just want a place to hang out in CCD and sip on their favorite coffee. Whatever the reason might be, if you’re a regular customer you must download the phone application ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ to take advantage of its’ features and get rewards. The new app rewards you with points after every transaction & personalized offers. It enables you to place your order even before you step inside the cafe. This helps people to save their wait time and cash as you can pay online for your order. Even if you’re in a new city you can find CCD there and look at the facilities available before you visit.

Hope this tempts you to go and experience the best coffee of the country!

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