Subway Menu India with Prices | Veg, Salad, Food Menu

Subway Menu India with Prices

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Subway Menu Description

Find Subway Menu with Prices in India. There are Subway Veg, Salad and Food Menu. Different Subway restaurants in India have different menus and price lists.

Subway specializes in Subs, submarine sandwiches, wraps, salads and drinks. It is an American multinational fast food restaurant franchise. It was founded by Fred DeLuca and financed by Peter Buck in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Name of Subway was changed several times in the beginning. Finally the Restaurant was renamed as Subway in 1972, and a franchise operation began in 1974 with a second restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut. Since then, it has become a worldwide franchise.

Subway serves multiple topping choices, allowing the customers to choose toppings for the various sandwiches. A Subway slogan, “Eat Fresh”, is intended to indicate the fresh ingredients that are used in the sandwiches. It was the fastest-growing franchise in the world in 2015. By June 2021, Subway had 37540 franchises in more than 100 countries out of which 21796 are in the United States. It is the largest single-brand restaurant chain in the world with headquarters is in Milford, Connecticut.

Fred DeLuca borrowed US$ 1000 from a friend and started a small restaurant in 1965 for selling Submarine Sandwiches.

There are plenty of Subway Restaurants in India. We are giving here below the Subway Menu with Prices in India (found at Connaught Place, New Delhi)

Today Subway is among the most trusted Quality Restaurant.  People prefer to go for Quality Food Hubs in the present time.

If you are staying near Sector 14, Gurgaon, please check out Subway Menu India with Prices Sector 14 Gurgaon.

Some of the Main Menu Items of ‘Subway’

  • Vegetarian Subs include Veggie Delite, Veggie Paty, Paneer Tikka, Aloo Paty, etc.
  • There are Local Subs which include Chicken Tikka, Chicken Seekh, Chicken Tandoori, etc.
  • Other than the above there are Roasted Chicken, Tuna, Chicken Ham, Subway Club, etc.
  • There are Traditional foods, Breakfast, Extras, Desserts, Chips, Drinks, and salads.

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Subway Menu India with Prices ( Found at Connaught Place, New Delhi)

Subway Vegetarian 6 InchesPrice (Rs)Subway Vegetarian 6 InchesPrice(Rs)
Veggie Delite 6 Inches145Green Peas Patty 6 Inches165
Veg Shammi 6 Inches145Mexican Patty 6 Inches165
Veggie Patty 6 Inches145Paneer Tikka 6 Inches165
Chatpata Chana 6 Inches145Corn & Peas 6 Inches165
Hara Bhara Kebab 6 Inches145Aloo Patty 6 Inches165
Subway Non-Vegetarian 6 InchesPrice (Rs)Subway Non-Vegetarian 6 InchesPrice (Rs)
Chicken Tikka 6 Inches135Italian B.M.T. 6 Inches150
Chicken Seekh 6 Inches135Turkey 6 Inches150
Chicken Tandoori 6 Inches135Turkey & Chicken Ham 6 Inches150
Chicken Ham 6 Inches135Roasted Chicken 6 Inches135
Chicken Teriyaki 6 Inches150Tuna 6 Inches150
Subway Vegetarian 12 InchesPrice (Rs)Subway Vegetarian 12 InchesPrice (Rs)
Veggie Delite 12 Inches290Green Peas Patty 12 Inches315
Veg Shammi 12 Inches290Mexican Patty 12 Inches315
Veggie Patty 12 Inches290Paneer Tikka 12 Inches315
Chatpata Chana 12 Inches290Corn & Peas 12 Inches315
Hara Bhara Kebab 12 Inches290Aloo Patty 12 Inches315
Vegetarian SaladsPrice (Rs)Vegetarian SaladsPrice (Rs)
Veggie Delite195Green Peas Patty210
Veg Seekh195Veg Shammi210
Mexican Patty195Paneer Tikka210
Chatpata Chana195Corn & Peas210
Hara Bhara Kebab195Aloo Patty210
Non-Vegetarian SaladsPrice (Rs)Non-Vegetarian SaladsPrice (Rs)
Chicken Tikka230Italian B.M.T.250
Chicken Slice230Turkey250
Chicken Tandoori230Turkey & Chicken Slice250
Chicken Kofta230Chicken Teriyaki250
Roasted Chicken230Tuna250

We are giving here below the images of various Subway Menu Items available in India

  • Subway Menu with Prices India Sandwiches

Subway Menu India with Price (Ansal Plaza, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon)

Subway SandwichesPrice (Rs) 6’/12′Subway SaladsPrice(Rs)
Aloo Patty165/315Aloo Patty210
Chatpata Chana Patty145/290Chatpata Chana Patty195
Chicken Kofta185/355Chicken Kofta230
Chicken Slices185/355Chicken Ham230
Chicken Tandoori185/355Chicken Tandoori230
Chicken Teriyaki200/380Chicken Teriyaki250
Chicken Tikka185/355Chicken Tikka230
Corn & Peas135/270Corn & Peas210
Hara Bhara Kebab145/290Hara Bhara195
Italian B.M.T.200/380Italian B.M.T.250
Mexican Patty150/315Mexican Bean Patty195
Oven Roasted Chicken185/355Oven Roasted Chicken250
Paneer Tikka165/315Paneer Tikka210
Subway Club200/380Subway Club250
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slices200/380Turkey & Chicken Ham250
Veg Seekh135/270Veg Seekh195
Veg Shammi Kebab145/290Veg Shammi210
Veggie Delite145/290Veggie Delite195
Veggie Patty145/290Veggie Patty210
Subway BreakfastPriceSubway SnacksPrice
Cheese & Egg135/260Chicken Kofta SubWrap80
Chicken Slice, Egg & Cheese135/260Chicken Strips SubWrap80
Western Egg & Cheese135/260Veg Shammi SubWrap70
Chatpata Chana SubWrap70
Subway Sides, Drinks, Extra, ToppingsPriceSubway BreadsPrice
Cookies (Sides)40Italian 12 inches
Fountain Drinks (Drinks)70Multigrain 12 inches
Coffee (Drinks)60Parmesan Oregano 12 inches
Cheese (Extra)Honey Oat 12 inches
Processed Cheddar (Toppings)Roasted Garlic 12 inches
Monterey Cheddar (Toppings)Flatbread
Subway Menu India with Prices | Veg, Salad, Food Menu
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