What is ‘Swiggy POP’? | What is Pop Order in Swiggy?

What is ‘Swiggy POP’?

‘Swiggy Pop’ is the quickest & the cheapest way of ordering food online. It is introduced in some of the cities. Go for Swiggy Pop Meal order if you are hungry & have no time to wait.

  • ‘Swiggy POP’ is basically ‘Swiggy POP Meal’.
  • It is available only on Swiggy App.
  • There is no separate ‘Swiggy Pop App’
  • Swiggy POP meal reaches you within 25 to 30 minutes.
  • Swiggy POP timings are the timings of the particular restaurant.
  • It is applicable in the cities Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune.
  • If you open Swiggy App, you may see an icon “POP”.
  • Now if you tap it, you will get a list of meals from Rs 99/- to Rs 200/-.
  • This one meal is sufficient for one person.

You can know more about Swiggy by reading the article ‘What is Swiggy

If you are very hungry and want food within a few minutes ‘Swiggy POP Meal’ is the option because you place an order within 10 to 15 seconds. In another 30 minutes, you shall get the food at your doorsteps and that too free of delivery charges.

Swiggy Pop Meal

You can check out the following tweet.  You shall get the menu of the food options as under.  You can choose any of them and place an order online.

You can also check out a YouTube regarding Swiggy Pop

Swiggy Pop meal will be introduced soon to other cities as well.

Swiggy is the Top Food Ordering & Delivery App at the moment.  This the direct link and can check out the Swiggy website. They are making their all best efforts to provide you with the best services at all times. They don’t want to give any chance to any customer to complain about it. They provide you with plenty of Swiggy Coupons for Existing Users  and Swiggy Offers to place orders at discounted prices. That is because the customers may enjoy the cheaper food at their doorsteps. Hurry up! Try once and you would love it. Just know, How is Swiggy Cheaper as than Take Away orders?.

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What is ‘Swiggy POP’? | What is Pop Order in Swiggy?
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