Best Apps for Android Smartphones Or Mobiles

Best Apps for Android Smartphones

Guys! I give here below the Top Apps for your Android Smartphones. Just see how do you feel without any of the following Apps. Download Today and Be Happy!

Technology is growing day by day, and so is the need to catch up with its growth. These days, technology is used almost in every area of life. Whether it is to browse ideas, create designs, send important e-mails, create presentations, store pictures, and videos, play video games, video chat with friends and family through Skype or just to connect to your loved ones! Smartphones are rocking our world!

Here’s a list of applications to make your smartphone more useful.  But you always need a good smartphone for apps.  Try buying the Best Mobiles Phone at discounted Price.


WhatsApp has now become one of the most popular and loved application worldwide! Be it texting, calling, sharing pictures, videos and audios. It even has ‘video chatting’ now and we can even share documents now. It is fast. It is bug-free. WhatsApp backs-up your chats every day, you can either back it up in your SD card or Google drive.

Google Drive

In this era, our lives are incomplete without a cell phone. All the smartphone user must have a cloud storage application. Google drive provides you 15GB of free cloud storage, and all you need to have is a Gmail account. You can back up your data and access it anytime you want to, even on your desktop.

Google Maps

If you are lost, and not able to reach your destination by your vehicle.  Don’t worry Google has got a wonderful map for you! You just have to turn on your GPRS (location) and type your destination. Google Maps will guide you there. If your location is not detected automatically, you can type in the nearest landmark or the address. You can see the distance, bus route, train route and time it will take to reach there.


Ola provides cabs, autos, SUVs and even shared cabs in just a few minutes with just a few clicks.  We can choose from various payment options. We just need to enter our present location, destination and select our ride. It’s super-fast and safe. You can even book a ride to go a few kilometers out of the city.

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Uber too provides rides within minutes. We can choose our rides from Uber Go, Uber X, and Uber SUV. Uber too has payment options, it even has Paytm option. If you are not able to find a cab through OLA  then go for Uber and if you can’t find your Uber then go for OLA. So, it’s best to keep both the apps at hand and also check the estimation for the ride to keep a track on surge pricing during peak hours.

If you do not have Uber App, you can also book a Cab through Uber Website.


After demonetization, Paytm has become our savior. We don’t have to rush into the ATMs every time we want to go out or pay a bill. We can pay using Paytm everywhere we go, be it shops, be it autos, malls, theatres, etc. We just need to transfer money to our Paytm account using online banking. We can transfer maximum 20k per month. And if want to use Paytm money in a different way we can just transfer it to our account.

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Want to edit that picture before uploading it to social media? Want to make a collage and write a caption on it? Want to blur the background and use cool filters? Well, PicsArt has all the options. You can edit, crop, stretch, blur, make a collage, insert text and even doodle on pictures. PicsArt is the simplest and quickest app to edit your pictures.


Like to create things and want ideas? Wondering how to make your holidays productive? Log in to Pinterest. It is a great platform for us to discover and share creative and helpful pictures to complete any task or create anything. It is the number one app for crafty artists, homemakers, beauty lovers, gardeners, designers, and learners.

Share It

Want to transfer files from a friend’s phone and don’t have a wireless network? Don’t worry SHAREit has got your back. This apps enables us to transfer images, audios, documents, and even apps too. It transfers the data in just a few seconds, even if you have to send a bunch of files together. It is faster than Bluetooth, plus it doesn’t even take up much space on the phone.

Most of the phones have these apps pre-installed but if yours doesn’t, you MUST download these from Google play or IOS Store!

Be smart like your smartphones!

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