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You can buy gadgets cheaper than the showrooms if the value of the product is below Rs 50000/-  A new Govt. Notification allows you to import it without extra duty.

You get cheaper online because online companies procure from different sources. They import electronics goods from different countries.

Recently there is a Govt. notification by which they have increased the limit of importing goods into India from Rs 2000 to Rs 50000/- without the extra flat duty of 41.492%

Whenever you import any goods into India you have to pay Customs Duty at the port of entry. In case you bring any product along with you please do not try to exit from the green channel. You have to pass through the red channel and declare whatever you are bringing along with you. You have to pay the Customs Duty for it if you are authorized to bring it in India. In case you import through courier or buy online from a foreign portal, the courier companies shall have to pay the customs duty on your behalf. Courier company shall release the goods to you if you make all the payment of the product as well custom duty.

We are giving a chart here below which tells you about the tariff of Customs Duty on different products while importing into India. This gives you the idea about how much customs duty you have to pay, and to calculate the actual cost of the product after paying the duty.

Chart up to date 1st March 2015 :

[table] Category / Product to Import, Total Duty Rate
“Laptops, Notebooks, Computers”, 14.71%
“Tablets, iPad”, 28.85%
Laptop Battery, 23.85%
“iPod, Music Players”, 28.85%
Hard Disk (internal), 6.30%
Hard Disk (external), 14.71%
Web Cameras, 28.85%
Computer Processor, 6.30%
Internet Modem, 14.71%
Software CDs and DVDs, 10.30%
Computer Printers, 14.71%
Electronics, 28.85%
Other Computer Peripherals, 14.71%
Cables and Wires, 23.85%
Television Sets (TV), 28.85%
“Movie CDs, DVDs and Blue Ray”, 28.85%
Video Games and Game Consoles, 28.85%
Mobile Phones, 18%
Phone Accessories, 28.85%
Digital Cameras and Video Camcorder, 28.85%
Camera Lens (Photography), 28.85%
Sports Equipment, 14.71%
Hand Watches (Wrist Watches), 28.85%
Sun Glasses, 28.85%
Apparel (Clothes), 28.85%
Fashion Accessories, 28.85%
Artificial Jewellery, 28.85%
Books (Educational), Free (No duty)
Car Parts, 28.85%
Toys and Games, 28.85%
Stationery Items, 28.85%
Cosmetic Goods, 28.85%
Kitchen and Dining, 28.85%
“Food Supplements, Body Building”, 28.85%
Medicine, 28.85%

How to calculate Customs Duty?

Whenever you bring any product along with you, you should keep an invoice for it to show it to the customs officers if they ask for it. The customs duty is not charged on the basis of the invoice, because you can bring the undervalued invoice. It is calculated on the basis of the assessed value. We can explain it more elaborately by giving an example :

Suppose you have bought a laptop from (USA) and you have asked them to ship the product to India. The price of the Laptop is US$ 400. The customs officer may assess it as US$ 500 as per their norms and the DGFT guidelines. That way you have to pay the customs duty @ 14.712% on US$ 500 and not on US$ 400, what is mentioned in your invoice.

Prevailing buying rate of the US dollar may further vary the net price of the product purchased.

Please don’t get upset if I tell you that there are other charges too.  You have to pay the shipping fee, CVD (Countervailing Duty) , MCH (Material handling Charges), CESS and Service Tax for importing a product into India. If you are buying from Amazon USA, there is an Amazon Global service where they work out the import charges and pay the same on your behalf.

Books do not attract any custom duty if you get it as a gift. You can import books limiting the maximum value upto Rs 10000/-

Guys! whatever you bring from abroad, you can even buy in India that too at almost the same price at with Amazon Free Coupons India.  You buy perfumes, bags, clothing or anything.

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