How to Celebrate First Marriage Anniversary?

Husband can plan the First Marriage Anniversary, as a Great Pleasant Surprise for the wife that it can be a reminiscent joy forever. This can be proved to be the best marriage anniversary gift for wife and husband both. You can check out a Great Idea in the following video that How you can celebrate your First Marriage Anniversary.

Getting married is one thing, but maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse is an everyday exercise that needs a lot of patience and understanding. Hence, to me, the first wedding anniversary would be a great day to celebrate your togetherness. The day decidedly should receive priority as this will give you a chance to break free from the daily grind and relish your personal moments sharing some experiences, jokes, laughter and so much more.

A day of celebration is also a day of surprise gifts. The first wedding anniversary is a great day. So, start planning in advance. Find out what can be the best gift for husband on first marriage anniversary.  Choosing first marriage anniversary gift is as difficult as choosing a sherwani on the marriage.  Husbands generally choose jewelry gift for the wife but wives like to travel to other places for a couple of days. Husbands have no time and wives need a lot of time.

Let me share a few ‘marriage anniversary ideas’ with you. These are what the ‘marriage anniversary gifts’ according to me.

Plan an outing:

Take her to a resort or someplace that you know she will love. Be lavish. Dress well and put on her favorite cologne or perfume. You might drive to the chosen destination if it is possible. She will be in raptures knowing that you remember the big day.  This is probably the best first marriage anniversary gift for the wife.

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Carry surprise gifts:

How to celebrate first marriage anniversary

Going by the tradition, ideal gifts for your wife would be cards, photos, scrapbook, a novel or a love letter. Your wife, like all women, is bound to be emotionally and sentimentally attached to souvenirs of love. With each such little gift, allow her time to respond and share her joy.  People call time is more expensive than money. She loves if the husband spends a lot of time on her by any means.  Time is one of the best marriage anniversary gifts for wife.

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Make this day a joyous and emotional experience for her. Spend time together gently steering your conversation on the events of the year that has gone by. Relive those moments. Tell stories. Play your favorite songs. Dance. Do just about everything that binds you together. This is how far you have come as a couple. You both have passed many tests and trials. Get inspired by your togetherness. This day is going to lay a foundation of the years to come.

This day can be a reminiscent forever.  All the matters, how you celebrate it.

Get gritty:

How to celebrate first marriage anniversary talking

Now that you have both opened up, and relaxed, get a little uncomfortable. What I mean is say it out and let her do the same. Talk of the unpleasant moments when either of you found it difficult to adjust. Ask each other what gets on nerves. Bring it all out. Ask how difficult it was to carry on. Review the events of the previous year. A straight talk will help you resolve and understand each other better.

This way, you can sink off the unhappy moments forever and get more close to each other.  That is the most pleasant gift for each other for the years to come.

Express gratitude:

How to celebrate first marriage anniversary gratitude

Marriages may be made in heaven but they are lived on earth. No two persons have the same thought process. So there are bound to be differences. Surely all your memories are not rose-colored! Tell her how she has added meaning to your life and how much you value her. Speak about all the moments when she must have shown great tolerance and endurance. Appreciate her strong points. Compliment her beauty both intrinsic and physical. Focus on the positive growth signs that both of you have displayed. Own up your shortcomings. It is a mutual platform. Explain to her how you too have tried to become more compatible in marriage. Honor each other’s efforts.

Celebrating an anniversary is not just a ritual. It assumes a deeper meaning with time and adds up to memories. It becomes a milestone for couples to reflect on in trying times whereby they can draw strength and sustain. Anniversaries are truly special. Cherish them with the above priceless gifts!

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How to Celebrate First Marriage Anniversary?
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