Safety Precautions while using the Electronic Gadgets Or Devices

Safety Precautions while using the Electronic Gadgets Or Devices
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Safety Precautions for Electronic Devices:

Check out Safety Precautions for Electronic Devices and Gadgets. Safety is first to start using any Device or Gadget.  If not done it may blast and you can have severe injuries.
“Prevention is better than cure” I strongly believe in this phrase. I mean to say ‘Prohibit yourself from the overuse of electronic gadgets before it is too late.’ It is always better to be safe than to regret later for something that you could have controlled on the first hand. This applies to all the things we do or overdo or wrongly do, in our lives. Whether it is working in the gym or eating sweets or working on the gas stove, using electrical appliances or electronic gadgets. We should always be alert.

As we promised in our previous article “Gadgets – A Blessing or A Curse”, here we are, with some great information which will keep you safe while using your necessary gadgets. We hope you will incorporate these points in your daily life and have a healthy life. We are giving here below the ‘Safety Precautions for Electronic Devices‘.

1. The first and foremost point is not to use your gadgets while they are on charge. Whether it is your phone or your tablet or your laptop, let it charge completely before you use it again. It is recommended that you switch off the internet while on charge so that it can charge faster. You can charge it during the non-working hours, early morning or in the evening, after office. It is the best if you switch it off while it is being charged and then once it is charged you unplug the device and then switch it on after a few seconds. Cell phones can explode if you make a call while it is on charge. This happens because of radioactive interference.

2. We should use the right charger for our device. It is advisable to use the charger that comes along with the gadget. If by any chance you lose it or if the charger is not working, get the original charger and avoid the cheap, fake chargers. The other charger, if used, might spoil the battery or the battery might swell up.

3. Always keep the table clean where the computer is kept. The dirt (like hair, thread, dust) gets inside the system and can clog the vents which may result in an explosion, system break down or similar kind of mayhem.

4. Always use original software/operating system to avoid hacking and virus. Using the right software also provides better shelf life to phones or computers.

5. Whenever you are traveling, make sure you remove the battery of your laptop or tab when not in use to avoid any malfunction.

6. Invest in good computer glasses that help you put less strain on your precious eyes. Make sure you blink a lot to protect your eyes from strain. Change your display settings on a computer or tablet or phones and avoid straining your eye. Try and get up every 1 hour and stretch or take a short walk to keep yourself active. Sit straight on a good chair to keep your posture right.

7. Make sure you allow your kids to play on these electronic devices only during a certain time. Don’t give them complete freedom to misuse the time and your love. Make use of the technology and use the child lock system on your gadgets. Give them a disciplined life. Don’t give those gadgets or whatever they want just to bribe them to get some work done. Spend some quality time with family playing the games you have played in your childhood or helping them with their homework. Take them out to the park, go for picnics, or just work out together as a family. This will not only strengthen your bond but also make all the members of the family happy and healthy.

8. Use Low Radiation Mobile Phones.

Let’s make sure that these electronic devices do not own us and rule our lives. We made them, we buy them, we own them and we should be able to shut them off to live our lives.

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