Different Types of Beds Design | Single Double Beds with Pictures

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Find different types of Beds Design. You can buy Single Bed, Double Bed as per your requirement. Check out pics and go Shopping!

There are the following factors to choose a bed:

1. Type of Bed
2. Size
3. Material

1. Different Type of Beds Design:

There are following different types of Beds:

a. Single Bed / Dewan
b. Double Bed / Dewan cum Double Bed / Sofa cum Double Bed
c. Bunk Beds
d. Bed with or without Box / Trundle Box

a. Single Bed / Dewan: 

You can buy Single Bed of size 3 x 6 feet, 4 x 6 feet. There are options with Box or without box.  Dewan is also a Single Bed. Some of the Single Beds are a little longer in size, 78 inches instead of 72 inches.  You have to choose the mattress accordingly. Dewans are with or without any wooden support. People generally use Dewans as extra beds or settees, in the drawing rooms.

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b. Double Bed / Dewan cum Double Bed / Sofa cum Double Bed / Bunk Beds:

There are Double Beds of size 5 x 6 feet, 6 x 6 feet. You can buy the double beds with or without storage space. There is a simple box type of storage or you can buy double beds with drawers at both sides.  There are folding double beds such as Sofa cum Double Beds, Dewan cum Double Beds or Trundle Beds.

c. Bunk Beds:

If you have less space, you can buy the double-decker type of beds. These are called Bunk Beds also. Some of the people get these types of beds for their children just to have fun to go up and down.

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d. Bed with or without Box / Trundle Beds

You can buy beds, with or without storage space. There are ‘Box type of Beds’ with or without the hydraulic system. You can buy beds with drawers. Trundle bed provides extra bed beside the main bed, which you can pull out like a drawer.

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2. Size

You can buy single Beds or Double beds as mentioned above. You can measure the space you have and buy accordingly. There are beds of size 3 x 6 feet, 4 x 6 feet, 5 x 6 feet, 6 x 6 feet, 6 x 6.5 feet, and bigger and smaller beds as per the needs.

3. Material

a.) Engineered Wood
b.) Solid Wooden Beds
c.) Wrought Iron Beds

a.) Engineered Wood

Engineered Wood is also called Manmade Wood, or composite wood.  It is made with adhesives. A thin sheet called Veneer is pasted on the surface of the composite boards.

b.) Solid Wooden Beds

These are the beds made out of boards and solid wood. Solid wood is, of course, better than any composite or engineered wood. The Quality of boards should be good. Some of the people use very poor quality of boards which are hollow from inside and are not properly filled with wooden cut pieces.

c.) Wrought Iron Beds / Cast Iron Beds

You can buy wrought iron single and double beds. Some of the Bunk Beds are also made of Cast iron. You can assemble or disassemble these iron beds. Wrought iron is a semi-fused mass of iron. It is an iron alloy with very low carbon (less than 0.08%) content. Cast iron has carbon content to the tune of (2.1% to 4%).

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