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Prestige Cooker Exchange Offers

At Amazon, you can go for Prestige Cooker Exchange Offers.  We are giving links of Aluminium Pressure cookers as below.

You can buy Prestige Stainless Steel Cookers as below:

Prestige Electric Rice Cooker Exchange Offers

You can check out the Prestige Electric Rice Cookers as given below.

Pigeon Pressure Cooker Exchange Offers

You can check out the following Pigeon Pressure Cookers. This is an upcoming brand.

Vinod Pressure Cooker Exchange Offers

You can check out the following Vinod Pressure Cookers. You can buy aluminum as well as stainless steel pressure cookers.  as given below.  Vinod Pressure cookers have taken up the market recently and have been popular.

Hawkins Cooker Exchange Offers

You can check out Hawkins Cooker Exchange Offers as the links given below. These are aluminum pressure cookers.

You can buy Hawkins Stainless Steel Pressure Cookers also.

Prestige Pressure Cooker Exchange Offers

To choose the right Prestige Pressure cooker we are giving here below the various factors to consider while buying a brand new cooker at Amazon.

If today, you buy a little expensive Pressure cooker, it would be an investment in future in terms of fitness and safety.

Pressure cookers have been modified in different ways for the last one decade. Stainless steel Pressure Cookers have been invented. There are other plenty of factors to pick up the right pressure cooker for your needs.

There are a few following factors which are the most important while shopping for a right pressure cooker for your requirements and needs.

  1. Metal
  2. Inner lid or outer lid
  3. Capacity
  4. On the basis of Base
  5. Shapes of Cookers
  6. Models
  7. Warranty


If you can afford stainless steel pressure cooker, you must buy a stainless steel pressure cooker as Aluminum is not good for health.  That is why it is said one should eat at home. You don’t know what the restaurants do and what type material, and equipment they use.

If we compare Stainless steel with Hard anodized Cookers, stainless steel is typically harder and more durable. Stainless steel cookers are made from stainless steel which is a nickle iron metallic compound. Hard anodized is aluminum cooker that is treated to make it corrosion resistant and typically non-stick. Stainless steel typically is harder and can last longer and should be preferred.

Inner Lid or Outer Lid

Generally, large size pressure cookers use outer lids and small cookers use inner lids. It is considered that inner lid types are comparatively safer than outer lid because of the extra lock-in mechanism to hold the build-up the extra pressure.

Outer Lid Cookers are useful for separator cooking and direct vessel cooking while inner lid cookers are useful for only direct vessel cooking.


For bachelors or a couple 3 liters Cookers are alright. For a bigger family of 4 members or more you can buy 5 liters cooker and so on.

On the basis of Base

a) Alpha Base Cookers

Full Stainless Steel Base Induction Bottom has 30% more Steel surface due to which it is 30% faster than regular induction bottom.

Alpha base cookers are energy saving and allow fast cooking. Heavy duty unique alpha induction base of the cookers provides uniform heat distribution without hot spots. These types of cookers are suitable for Induction and gas cooking both. These versatile cookers provide you maximum utility.

b) Induction Base

Perforated SS plate makes it suitable for Induction and gas cookin

c) Anti-bulge Base

Triple layer base helps shape retention Suitable for only Gas stove cooking

5. Shape of Cookers

The shape of the cooker is some other consideration to have. Which one is ideal for your cooking habits and design is your personal choice.

Apple-shaped cooker – It is a lovely top rated pressure cooker for a modern-day kitchen with the best possible level of safety.
Cute shaped cooker – Its special high-quality lovely diagram with a huge base makes stirring convenient and handy switch of food barring spillage.
Pressure pan – its shallow peak and vast mouth are perfect for frying and stress cooking.
Handi shapeded cooker – The handi formed one is perfect for fragrant rice preparations, mainly for biryanis.
Straight wall (regular) strain cooker – Cook in a clever way for everyday cooking with the perfect stage of safety.

6. Models

Apple Duo Plus, Apple Plus, Deluxe Alpha Stainless Steel, Deluxe Plus, Deluxe Plus Hard Anodised, Nakshatra Cute, Nakshatra Duo Plus Handi, Nakshatra Plus Handi, Nakshatra Plus Hard Anodised, Nakshatra Plus Stainless Steel, Nakshatra Plus Straight Wall, Nakshatra Straight Wall, , Popular, Popular Plus, Stainless Steel Popular, Svachh

7. Warranty

Buy Cookers with a maximum warranty period.


Pressure Cooker Exchange Offers Prestige Hawkins

At Amazon, you can exchange your old pressure cooker with the new Prestige, Hawkins top branded cooker online. Electric Rice Cookers, Induction Cookers can also be exchanged.

If you have any old rejected Induction Cooktop, Prestige Cookware or Panasonic Rice Cooker, or Pigeon Pressure Cooker, you can exchange with the new one at Amazon.

Guidelines for buying a Pressure Cooker:

What’s the need of a cooker? You may be knowing that on the hilly area water boils at a lower temperature. Therefore, you need a pressure cooker in the hilly areas to cook vegetables, pulses and grains which can be cooked at high pressure and temperature.

A pressure cooker saves time. It saves water and energy too. By using a pressure cooker you can keep the vitamins and flavors of the food.

The heat in a pressure cooker kills most harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

1. Type of Cooker

There are two types of pressure cookers. One is Electric and the other is Stove top. An electric pressure cooker provides ease and convenience with its automated features, while a stove top pressure cooker provides accuracy in cooking with its manual regulation of heat.

Replacement parts and repair services for stove top pressure cookers are easily available, while in the event that an electric pressure cooker fails after the warranty period has expired, it may be difficult or uneconomic to obtain spare parts or get the cooker repaired.

2. The material of a Cooker:

Pressure cookers are manufactured out of two metals one is Aluminum and the other is Stainless Steel. Aluminum utensils are harmful to the body.  Therefore, you should buy a Stainless steel pressure cooker.

3. Size of Pressure Cooker:

If you are single or a couple, 3 to 4 liters cookers can be sufficient. For a family of 5 to 7 persons, you may buy 5 liters pressure cooker or maybe 7 liters.  It depends upon the usage also. You should have at least two sizes at home depending upon the use whether you want to cook rice for a whole family or for one or two persons.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How does Hawkins name came to existence for Hawkins pressure cooker?
      Hawkins name came of L.G. Hawkins of England.  L.G. Hawkins was established in 1937 in U.K. There are not much details about L.G. Ahwakins now. Basically, Hawkins Cookers Limited was started in 1959 by an entrepreneur H.D. Vasudeva, in technical collaboration with L.G. Hawkins of England.
    2. Where are the service centers of Hawkins pressure cooker in India?
      For servicing Hawkins Pressure Cookers, there are plenty of service centers in India. You can change the gasket rubber rings, safety valves, handles and whistles at these sales and service centers at the nominal cost of Rs 100 or so. These sales and sercice centers are the Names and addresses of the suppliers of Hawkins Pressure Cookers as well, in India.
    3. Can pressure cookers cook rice on an induction cooktop?
      You can cook rice in pressure cookers on an induction cooktop. If you want to know more about using a cooker with an Induction plate, you can check out a youtube.
    4. Can we use sandwich bottom cooker if the outer bottom layer is ripped off?
      No, you should not use because it will consume more time and fuel to cook. You should not overuse the product. Must buy the new one as given above.
    5. Accidentally removed lid rubber in Croma automatic rice cooker how to put it back?
      If you are not able to put it back, you must contact the Croma physical Store on Service center of Croma Online.
    6. Which mcb should be used for induction cooktop or a cooker?
      You must use a power socket for induction plate, cooktop or a cooker. Accordingly, the power mcb should be connected.
    7. Address and telephone number of Vinod pressure cooker service center in India?
      If you have bought from a physical store or a shop, you can contact the respective store or a shop otherwise you can contact their corporate office more information.
    8. What are the prices of Vinod Pressure Cookers?
      You can buy Vinod Pressure cookers at Amazon.
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