The Real Fact about Babri Masjid Construction & Demolition

One should not demolish the olden Proofs

Generally, if there is some historical place, it should not be demolished. The beauty is to know, how mankind born and grown on this planet.

People love to see the oldest monuments. That is why UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization ) has marked many buildings as ‘World Heritage Sites’.  These sites are protected legally by the international treaties for the collective interest of the living mankind.  This is for the study and education of the coming generations.

Therefore, one should not demolish the old historical places and monuments.

History of Islam, Babur, and Babri Masjid?

Babur (1483-1530) was a Mughal Emperor. He was descendant of Timur from Uzbekistan and was the first Mughal King determined to bring up the Islamic estates in India.

As per the evidence, Islam began with Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (570-632).  He was born in Mecca and wrote Quran.

Later on, there was Al Hajjaj (661-714) and his nephew General Muhammad Bin Qasim, during (695-715) and after that, Mahmud Gajnavi (971-1030) who raised Islam in India and other parts of the world.

Babur had his Commander Baqi Tashqandi (Mir Baqi). Babur told him the last wish he had. He asked his commander to demolish this proof of Lord Ram birthplace and build a mosque on this place. Mir Baqi destroyed the oldest building of ‘Ram Janamsthan’ and built the Mosque in 1528.  He named this mosque as ‘Masjid-i-Janmasthan’.  Check out Wikipedia for this.  The city around this Mosque is known as Ayodhya.

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The principal Hindu Deity Lord Shiva was born in Satyug, Lord Ram in Treta Yug, and Lord Krishan in Dwapar Yug.  Treta Yug came first and Dwapar Yug came later. Even today many idols of Lord Shivaling are found in Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, all Middle East and other parts of the world. These idols are more than 5000 years old, as per the tests of the stones by the forensic science laboratories.

Aurangzeb (1618-1707) came and converted crores of Hindus into Muslims. Hindus, those days were wearing ‘Janeyu’ a thread across the throat and belly. Aurangzeb was a fanatic Muslim and was taking his food only after getting the ‘Sawa Mann’ Janeyus.  Sawa Mann is equivalent to 50 Kg. It is believed that the Muslims living in Pakistan and India are only the converts. When these Muslims go to ‘Hajj’ at Mecca’, they are named as Hindus.  According to Mecca, only the Arabians are the real Muslims.

There is no harm in accepting the reality. There was a President Sukarno (1901-1970) in Indonesia.  He was a convert Muslim but he made many idols of Hindu Deities in Indonesia. His name Sukarno was taken from ‘Karan’ in Mahabharata.  His daughter is Megawati Sukarnoputri. Megawati means Megha, meaning Clouds, again a Hindu name.

Somebody asked President Sukarno, why is he making Hindu Idols and printing photos of Hindu Gods on Indonesian Currency. He said we have changed our religion from Hindu to Muslim but we cannot change our ancestors.

Masjid-i-Janmasthan was later on known as Babri Masjid, the name taken from Babur.  This mosque was constructed on a hill known as Ramkot ( Fort of Rama).  Hindus demolished Babri Masjid in 1992 as they think that this holy piece of land should have not been destroyed by the Muslim kings in the 16th century.

God Shiva gave birth to Yoga.  There are such Great Yoga Exercises, which you can trust that only the Great Deity, who could see the invisible, could create it. Kundalini Yoga is still unknown because there is nobody who could teach this.

If there is something great, that may be followed. This is the reason that 21st June is celebrated as the ‘World Yoga Day’.  It is honored throughout the world.

Dara Shikoh, a brother of Aurangzeb, studied Hindu Granths.  He wrote a few manuscripts which are available in the market.

You can say ‘As Many Men, as Many Minds’.  There is a dispute between brothers today. If one has said something, he tries to stick to it because of his Ego.  That is what happens between Muslims and Hindus.  Foolish politicians are taking advantage of this division.

Even Dara Shikoh wanted that all the people of the world should be of One religion so that there may be harmony.  This way, people will not fight, at least because of different religions.  But what we can do.  We can change ourselves but not others.

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