Travel Checklist | Things to Carry while Travelling

Travel Checklist | Things to Carry while Travelling
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Check out the Travel Checklist whenever you go on a tour.  We are mentioning here the list of the things to carry while travelling. These are the basic travel essentials.

Travelling is the most exciting work in this life, full of stress.  There are people who have never travelled in their lives and there are people who work so that they can travel.I work very hard throughout the year and save funds so that I get to travel for a month at least. My travels have taught me a lot. Not just about life but also about how the world works and what works best for us while we are travelling or deciding to travel. If you are new to travelling, then this article is for you.

Travel Checklist


Whether you are a first-time traveler or a traveler planning a trip abroad, make sure you check everything on the list mentioned below.  You can book your flights, hotel with MakeMyTrip Coupons at discounted prices.

1. Copy of passport:

Always keep a copy of your passport in your luggage and back home with family or friends in case of emergencies (passport gets lost/stolen/destroyed). Also, mail a scanned copy to your email address.

2. Get details of your Embassy:

In case of any emergencies in foreign country, your embassy will help you get back safely.

3. Travel insurance and medical check-up:

Make sure you have appropriate travel insurance (as per your requirements and duration of the travel). And also get a medical checkup done (for certain countries you need to clear certain medical tests).

4. Money/Foreign Exchange:

Check exchange rate before you leave and make sure you have some local currency of the country you are visiting. Also, instead of exchanging your cash at the airport, go to the bank and do it to avoid unnecessary fees and charges. Banks are reliable as they will be exact and even their exchange rate will be correct. Inform your bank about your travel to avoid cancelation of transactions and to make sure your cards work. Banks stop the payments as fraudulent if not informed.

5. Visa Validity:

Get all the details about your visa. Check the entry/exit dates for the country you are travelling to. Some countries offer Visa on arrival and for some you need to fix before you leave.

6. Research about the Places:

Do an intensive research about the country you are travelling to. The Internet has all the answers. Find out the local events, tourist spots and purchase the ticket in advance to avoid any issues. Get a guidebook for yourself.

7. Cell Phone:

Make sure your cell phone works where ever you are going. Get your international roaming activated. Keep your charger. Get a power bank as a backup. (Keep an extra handset in case if you are traveling for a long period)

8. Luggage:

Always check with the airlines you are travelling in about how much luggage you can carry. There is a certain limit for your handbag and the luggage. Also, find out about what products you can’t carry. Keep your luggage as lightweight as possible. Carry only the things which are of absolute importance. It pays to travel light.

9. Keep your family or friends informed:

Let your loved ones know about your plans and also keep them informed every now and then while you are travelling to avoid anxiety and panic. Loved ones are always worried about your wellness.

10. Your Clothes, Dresses, Shaving Kits:

Always check the clothes, undergarments, you have to take along.  Check your complete shaving kit, belts, wallets, spectacles, goggles, water bottles, books, documents, slippers, night suits, camera, iPod, laptop, tab etc.

11. Enjoy the Time:

The rush you feel while travelling is simply a divine feeling. We are really lucky to see the world. Just keep calm and enjoy your trip, your company, peace, the place, the soothing vibes etc.  Certainly you can book your tickets or air passage by using Travel Coupons

Wishing you a happy and safe travel all the time.

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