CCD Menu with Price | Cafe Coffee Day Menu Card

CCD Menu with Price | Cafe Coffee Day Menu with price Sector 14, Gurgaon

CCD Menu with Prices Sector 14 Gurgaon Hot Coffee
CCD Menu with Prices Sector 14 Gurgaon Light EatsCCD Menu with Prices Sector 14 Gurgaon Cold CoffeeCCD Menu with Prices Sector 14 Gurgaon SandwichesCCD Menu with Prices Sector 14 Gurgaon TeasCCD food-menu-1CCD food-menu-2

The above Menus have been found at Infospace, 21 Sector Gurugram and Sector 14 Gurgaon, Cafe Coffe Day Restaurants.  If you are in Connaught Place Delhi you can check out:  CCD menu at Connaught Place, New Delhi in this blog.

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CCD Menu with Price | Cafe Coffee Day Menu with Price

Refreshing TeaPrice (Rs)Sippers n ChillersPrice(Rs)
Assam Tea120Classic Lemonade137
Masala Chai120Tropical Knockout161
Darjeeling Tea126Cool Blue154
Green Tea126Blue Sparkler161
Print O Virgin Beer161
Cold Coffee Delights (Indulgent Frappe)PriceWellness RangePrice
Cafe Frappe161Sugarcane Refresher137
Devil’s Own Vanilla Cream212Coconut Refresher149
Devil’s Own Cocoa Cream223Tender Coconut Lemonade149
Dark Frappe202
Kaapl Nirvana212
Light SipsPriceItemPrice
Tropical Iceberg144Hot Gourmet Cocoa Vanilla Cream149
Tropical Iceberg (Cocoa Cream)155Hot Gourmet Cocoa Cream161
Cold Toffee Coffee161Cold Cocoa Latte155
Cold Cafe Mocha161
Cold Coconut Milk Latte172
Slurpees n MorePriceHot Coffee SelectionsPrice
Crunchy Frappe155Espresso115
Rasmalai Smoothie172Classic Filter Coffee126
Toffee Smoothie Vanilla172Cappuccino Regular126
Toffee Smoothie Cocoa182Cappuccino King144
Cafe Latte Regular134
Hot Coffee SelectionsPriceHot Coffee SelectionsPrice
Toffee Cappuccino Regular149Cafe Latte King150
Toffee Cappuccino King178Macchiato137
Vanilla Cappuccino Regular149Cafe Americano137
Vanilla Cappuccino King178Coconut Milk Latte Regular149
Cafe Mocha155Coconut Milk Latte King178

CCD Menu Description

Find the CCD Menu with Prices, Cafe Coffee Day Menu Card with Price.  Hot Coffee Menu as well Cold Coffee Menu. Complete CCD Menu Card with prices. Menus are different for Pune, Delhi, Mumbai etc.

Prices are different in different Cafe Coffee Day Restaurants.  But there is not a very wide difference in prices in different cities and states in India. There are two cards for CCD Coffee Menu. There is Hot Coffee Menu as well Cold Coffee Menu with Price.  Check out the Detailed CCD Menus here.

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) is a range of Indian restaurants. It is 100% Indian Organisation. It belongs to ‘Coffee Day Global Limited’.  At present they have their presence in 6 Countries. Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nepal, Egypt, and India.

The Indian Owner of CCD has his own land more than 12000 acres where he grows Coffee. He had his first restaurant in 1996 in Bengaluru. They are the largest producer of ‘Arabica Beans’ in Asia.

In India, they have more than  1600 outlets in different states. Menu cards are different for Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Marathahalli and other cities.  Even they vary within the city.

They serve Coffee and other fast food items at their restaurants. CCD is the most wanted hangout for youngsters and grown-up young boys and girls.  This is a place for meetings and conversations. In the menu below you will find that there are seven CCD Menu Cards.

If you are living in Pune you can check out CCD Menu Card with Price Pune in this blog.

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Must Try Tropical Iceberg, and Crunchy Frappe at CCD.

Above is the Latest Menu. It is subject to change.  Therefore, it may vary.  You can place an order online by using Swiggy Coupons for Existing Users Today also.

CCD Menu with Price | Cafe Coffee Day Menu Card
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