No Custom Duty on Consumer Electronics upto Rs 50000

Please check out the Government notification no. 22/2015-2020 dated 12.08.2016, wherein, they have increased the limit of import of consumer electronics including mobile phones, from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50000, where you need not pay the extra customs duty of 41.492%.

To explain it better, we inform you that there was import duty @ 41.492%, over and above the value of Rs. 2000. Now that limit of Rs. 2000 has been increased to Rs. 50000. It means that you need not pay the flat 41.492% anymore,  but still, you have to pay the standard custom duty as earlier. Check out the Standard Custom Duty Chart.

Certainly its a very good news for the people who wish to import gadgets of their choice from abroad or want to buy from a foreign portal.

You can import gadgets worth Rs. 50000 at a much cheaper price.  This rule of Rs. 50000 applies in case of consumers importing products for their personal use.

The online portals in India are also importing at cheap prices by doing a bargain for bulk purchase. The above rule does not apply in case of portals buying in bulk quantity.

Anyway, money saved is money earned.  Try importing some gadgets if you want to save some extra money. Otherwise, there are foreign sites such as Aliexpress where you can buy almost everything at a very low price.

Or better, go for our home based Online shopping Stores like Flipkart where you can save money with Flipkart Coupon Code for New User.

You can buy Electronic Products Cheaper than Online Shopping.

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