How to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation Effects

How to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation Effects
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The World Health Organisation (WHO) has revealed that cell phones may cause cancer in humans. They are listed in the same category as led, engine exhaust and chloroform.This is a huge shocker. Phones emit radiation that can affect us negatively. This article focuses on how to use your phones in such a manner so as to reduce the radiation absorption. Listed below are few brief tips which you can follow easily and thereby protect you and your family from cell phone radiation.

How to reduce mobile radiation

1. Use headphones/Speaker: If you increase the distance of your phone from your head, the exposure to radiation will be four times less. Use air tube headsets to talk on the phone. Another option is to use the speaker. Try using a land line whenever possible.

2. Make calls only if they are important: Keep the length of your calls to the minimum. The longer you talk, the more you will be exposed to the radiation that the phone emits.

3. Text your message instead of calling: Conveying your message through texting is much better than calling as the former produces low radiation compared to the latter.

4. Do not keep the cell phone next to your ear while dialing: Always keep the phone away from your ear while dialing a number and put it next to your ear only when the person on the other side answers. Similarly, when you receive a call, always give it 2 to 3 seconds after you have pressed the call answer button before you put it next to your ear.

5. Avoid carrying your cell phone in your pockets: Even when the phone is in standby mode and not in use, it emits signals to connect to the nearest tower to provide you with better signals. Phones with GPS also keep updating the location even when in offline mode. It is dangerous to keep the cell phone directly touching your body due to the continuous emission of signals. If you don’t have an option and you have to keep it, then try keeping it away from your main organs like your heart and genitals.

6. Do not use cell phones with low signal: Only use your cell phones when you have full reception. Cell phones can emit more radiation in areas where signals are poor. The exposure to radiation increases by several times for each missing signal bar from your cell phone. Use a cell phone outside or near a window. Avoid using it from a basement or a ground station.

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7. Never use mobiles while traveling: Your phone will be constantly scanning for the maximum signal while you are in a moving vehicle and this increases the radiation emission. Your radiation exposure is increased while using the phone when you are traveling.

8. Don’t use phones in a parked vehicle: When you use your phone inside a parked car, the radiation is reflected and magnified through the metal of your car. This is called Faraday cage effect. All the radiation from your phone and the one reflected by the metal is absorbed by your body.

9. Don’t allow Children to use the cell phone: Cell phone radiations particularly make children vulnerable. Their developing organs, bone density, weight etc. are deeply affected. Radiation hampers the growth of children. Children should only use cell phones in absolute emergencies. Even elderly and pregnant women should be away from phones. A fetus is not strong enough to tackle the radiation.

10. Keep your phone away while sleeping: Keeping your phones close to you while sleeping, increases the exposure to radiation quite a lot and disturbs sleep cycles. It can cause heart palpitation, irritation, allergies, weakness and muscle pain. Radiation hampers the function of your immune system and reduces the production of melatonin and other hormones.
We hope you follow these few simple steps which can go a long way in helping you to reduce the absorption of radiation emitted by your cell phones. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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