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Exchange your old Mattress with the new one at Amazon. Top Brands Kurlon, Sleepwell, and Peps are available. Get Mattress Exchange Offers & enjoy!

You can buy Bed Sheets Online with Amazon Promo Code at discounted Price. Get Plenty of Best Deals online at CashFry and Save Money.

If you visit CashFry.in, you shall plenty of Cotton double bed sheets online Shopping Offers.  There are many Online Shopping Stores.  The best is Amazon.in. At Amazon, you can find bedsheets starting from Rs 199/- onwards.

Branded Bed Sheets at Amazon:

There are top brands such as Bombay Dyeing, Raymond Home, Spaces, Swayam, Solimo, D Decor, Portico and a few more.  They have their own brand ‘Amazon Basics’. If you are interested to buy only Branded Bed Sheets. You can check out one by one. Maybe, you are searching for a particular color to match the color of the walls and curtains of your bedroom.

Bombay Dyeing is one of the oldest mills of India. It was established in 1879.  They have their dying, printing,  and processing unit. They are supplying 100% Cotton and Blended Printed Bed Sheets of Double Bed and Single Beds.

Raymond was incorporated in 1925 in India. They are among the top textile companies of India.

‘Spaces’ is the brand introduced by Welspun India.  It was founded in 1985 in Palgarh in India.

D’Decor is a well-known company. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan are the Brand Ambassadors of D’Decor.

Choose your Size:

You can choose the size of the bedsheets i.e. Single Bed Sheet (91 cm x 191 cm), Double Bed Sheet (137 cm x 191 cm), Queen Size ( 152 cm x 198 cm)  or King Size (183 cm x 198 cm ).  You can measure the size of your bed and choose your size accordingly. At Amazon in the left-hand sidebar, you can choose your size.  There is one Super King Size also.

At CashFry, there are plenty of good deals for Bed Sheets at Amazon. You can buy at a discounted price with Amazon Promo Code Today.


You can choose the material you want.  There are Cotton, Synthetic, Cotton Blend, Polyester, Rayon, Nylon, Silk Bed Sheets. Some of the people even choose Leather, Bamboo, Linen, Microfibre, and Plastic bedsheets.

The best bedsheets are the Cotton, Silk, and Linen.  They have a soft effect.

There are different manufacturing methods depending on the Weave of the Fabric. Chenille, Flannel, Fleece, Satin, Velvet, Sateen are unique fabric weaves which are used to make the soft feel of the fabric.

At Amazon.in there are filters on the left by which you can search different types of bed sheets.


At Amazon, there are different patterns.  You can check out Abstract, Bordered, Embroidered, Floral, and Geometric designs. There are Solid, Striped, Ornament, Modern, Character, Checkered, Paisley, and Polka Dot bed sheets also.

Paisley is the design where you can find mango shaped or say teardrop shaped structures.

Polka Dot design consists of small circles of one color or different colors.

Checkered Pattern is made by horizontal and vertical stripes, generally of the same color. These stripes cross on a white background.

Solid is basically a single color.

Striped is with Stripes, and Ornament is basically Ornamental Design.

Character Pattern is with human figures and illustrations. If you want to buy Fashion Products, there are a few Online Stores for Fashion Clothing online.

Old Mattress Exchange Offer | Kurlon Sleepwell Peps
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