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I am giving here below the Top Five Best Books to read ever. Everyone Should Read these world’s best books in Life.  If you ask me one single trait that can lead to success, I would say ‘reading’ motivational and self-improvement books. The only success mantra is ‘be an avid reader’. Just as the physical workout is essential for the body, similarly reading has a powerful effect on the mind. It enhances our capacity to comprehend, develop and mature.  This reflection brings me to the next important point, ‘Which are the best books to read ever?’ Well initially this might seem a difficult question, but if I go by my words, I would say, books that add meaning to our lives and make our lives worthwhile. I have selected five such books that should be read by everyone in life.

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I am giving here below the top 5 best books to read ever in life. The early you do, better it is.

1. “The Alchemist” by Brazilian bestselling author, Paulo Coelho:

‘The Alchemist’ is one of the best fiction books to read. It was first published in 1988 and translated into 80 different languages (a Guinness World Record of a living author!), wherein the author proves that the universe conspires to help you manifest your greatest desire if you only but sincerely want it.

The story hovers around the destiny of a young shepherd boy, who goes hunting for treasure and meets mysterious people. He goes through a process of learning that comes to him in the form of strange riddles and intriguing puzzles. Written in very plain language, the author captivates your interest and instills in you a deep sense of gratitude for enabling you to understand the world and also gives you that drive to want to learn more about your own destiny.

This is one of the best storybooks to read.  Absolutely a Great Novel to read.

2. “Conversation with God (CwG)” by Neale Donald Walsch:

‘Conversation with God’ First published in 1995 in English, is a sequence of books that have transformed millions of lives. It is one of the best English books to read.  Whether you believe in God or not, this book is a must. The author does not even remotely claim to be the Messiah of a new religion. The words are the outpouring of his ailing frustrated heart which by and by took shape of a book. At a low period in his life, like any other frustrated person, he directed his questions towards God and groped for answers.

In the process, he experienced that God was giving him answers and directing his words. In his deepest experience, he heard God speak to him. The book, as is evident from the title, is a dialogue between God and himself. The author’s experience will become your experience, once you connect. Simple vocabulary helps you to navigate through the book. The sole aim is to make you understand that life is more of a process of creation than that of discovery.

This is one of the all-time best books to read ever.

3. “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Dr. Spencer Johnson:

First published in 1998, is an interesting parable that brings home profound truths about change and helps the reader understand how to cope with it in a positive way. The story has four characters that live in a maze: two mice Scurry and Sniff, and two little people Hem and Haw. Their discovery of a huge source of cheese has made them all happy. The ‘Cheese’ is a metaphor and anyone can relate it with anything that they want most in life.

Likewise, ‘maze’ is a metaphor wherein you look for the desired thing. As the story progresses, the characters face unexpected change and react differently. One of them is able to deal with it successfully and writes about his experience on the walls. So, when you get to read it, you discover for yourself the situation you are in and how best to deal with it. If you understand well, you shall be able to reduce stress and optimize your success chances in your workplace and also in your life.

This is one of the best books to read ever, for beginners.

4. “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain:

A classic first published in 1876. I am sure many of us are familiar with this adorable naughty boy Tom of our school days. Well at that age perhaps we only enjoyed his stories. I do recommend that you read it again and you will not only fall in love with Tom but also identify with him in your life situations. The story begins with Tom having to paint the white picket fence as punishment. By his sheer genius, Tom not only manages to get his work done by his friends but also claims their treasures in return for permitting them to paint the fence.

Tom finds himself in crisis every now and then but every time he comes out of trouble in his own clever way. It’s interesting to note that Tom never disregards or breaks the rules of society. His genius lies in bending the rules. He comes to the understanding that most of the time our society is hypocritical and arrives at the conclusion that freedom can be had in social isolation that is to say he devises his own tricks of survival within the society and has a cool time. Therefore the book will release you from the social shackles by awakening your creative imagination. You would be able to seek happiness beyond conventions and conduct yourself more effectively.

This is one of the best selling books at Amazon.

5. “Measuring the World” by German author Daniel Kehlmann:

A work of fiction first published in 2005, later translated into English and published internationally. Let me justify my choice of this book by citing this quote from it,‘People wanted peace. They wanted to eat and sleep and have other people be nice to them.  What they didn’t want to do was think.’The Novel, re-invents the lives of Friedrich, a famous German mathematician, and Alexander, an adventurer, explorer, biologist and scientist, and is both funny and ironic. The author does away with facts and figures while using narrative to tell the stories of their discoveries with a taste of humor and lots of twists.  Eventually, the two characters meet and become good friends. The book has great relevance for us as we get to learn that mistakes can be made even by the greatest minds of our time and that they too have uncomfortable moments. Herein the obstacles in our own journey of life might become less overbearing. Also, as we read through, we develop the intention to question our actions and arriving at the best way that can help us to fretless regarding adjusting and getting ahead. Yet another insight that we can get is that our approach to what we want is a matter of choice. The introverts prefer to live quietly in deep contemplation and seek answers, while the adventurous ones enjoy the thrills of traveling, meeting people and learn from experience. All the same, both of them have a deep desire to comprehend the ways of the world and also to transform it into a better place. Such a spirit is contagious!

At Amazon, there are hefty Discounts up to 50% on books.  These are some of the best books to read online.  If you ask me ‘What are the best books to read ever?’ I would definitely suggest you the above five books.  All men, women, old and young love to read these books.  You can read each book 10 times. Every time you read, you will find something new.  I may come back with a new list of books for you. Till then you enjoy these mesmerizing writings of the all-time Great Authors.

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