Titan Old Watch Exchange Offer | Fastrack Casio Smart Watch

Titan Old Watch Exchange Offer (Men’s)

Titan Old Watch Exchange Offer (Women’s)

Fastrack Old Watch Exchange Offer

Casio Old Watch Exchange Offer

Smart Watch Exchange Offer (Men’s)

Exchange your old watch with the new one at Amazon. All Brands such as Titan, Fastrack, and Casio are available. Sonata, Timex, and Smart Watches are also available.

A smartwatch is a computer-aided digital wristwatch that can be used as a media player, for making and receiving calls, heartbeat monitoring, pulse rate monitoring, Stop Watch and many other ways.

Advantages of Smart Watches:

  • New Smartwatches have touch screen features.
  • A smartwatch has many functions, which a smartphone has got.
  • Can connect through Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Can work as a media player
  • You can use a blue tooth headset connected to a Smartwatch.
  • Some smartwatches can be used for making and receiving calls also.
  • Can work as a Personal Organizer.
  • Can do Heart rate and Pulse Rate Monitoring.
  • May retrieve Data from other gadgets.
  • Can use as a Calculator & other Converter.
  • Multiple other functions are enabled.
  • Can use as an alarm & a notification alert.
  • You can download Apps and use them.
  • You can answer messages by voice.
  • You can track your GPS location.
  • Can have weather forecasting.
  • Available in Operating Systems of Apple, Google & Samsung.
  • There are waterproof watches. You can use it during Diving.
  • There are smartwatches, which can be used during hiking, and flying.

You can buy Smartwatches at Amazon at discounted prices with Amazon Free Coupons India.  There are plenty of Brands and models to suit every pocket.

Smart Watches for Men | Offers at Amazon

Can check out Options for Smartwatches for Men at Amazon.

Fastrack Unisex Smartwatch:

Smartwatch is a gadget for Smart Men and Women because they have not to take out their smartphones to see the time and other necessary day-to-day things.

Smart Watch Offers for Men Fastrack

Fastrack Watches
Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Digital Black Dial Unisex’s Watch-SWD90059PP04 (Rs 1995/-)


  • It has got a Touch screen.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects
  • This smartwatch can track the number of steps you take, the total distance and the calories you burn.
  • It can track your sleep patterns, in the bed.
  • It can be used as a remote control to click pictures on your phone, after all, why you will not like to take a  perfect selfie.
  • For technical Queries Please contact on (080-61160711 or 080-61160712).
  • Check out more options for smartwatches for Men at Amazon.

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Smart Watches for Women | Offers at Amazon

Can check out Options for Smartwatches for Women at Amazon.

AQFIT Unisex Smartwatch:

A woman who goes to Gym must have a smartwatch because it helps to monitor her pulse rate, heartbeat, and other so many benefits as mentioned above.

Smart Watch Offers for Women Aqfit

AQFIT Smartwatches

AQFIT Multifunction Smart Watch W8 (Rs 3499/-)


  • Full-color screen display with a single-touch Anti-Scratch Screen.
  • It is a waterproof smartwatch.
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring for 24 hours, Heart Rate, Sleep tracking.
  • Monitors distance covered and calories burnt.
  • Sports Mode is given to monitoring your heart rate while walking, running, swimming, cycling, skipping and other activities.
  • Check out other plenty of options for Smartwatches for Women at Amazon.

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Titan, The History

An Indian company called Titan Company Limited specialises in producing stylish items like jewellery, watches, and eyewear. The business, which is a member of the Tata Group and was initially a joint venture with TIDCO, has its corporate headquarters in Bangalore’s Electronic City[7] and its registered office in Hosur, Tamil Nadu.

Titan Watches Limited was the name under which the company’s operations began in 1984. In 1994, Titan expanded into the jewellery industry with Tanishq, and then into the eyewear industry with Titan Eyeplus. Fastrack, a line of youth accessories, was introduced in 2005. With more than 80% of its total revenues coming from the jewellery industry, the firm is the largest manufacturer of branded jewellery in India. Titan’s market share in India’s jewellery market as of 2022 is 6%. As of 2019,

Titan Old Watch Exchange Offer | Fastrack Casio Smart Watch
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