How is Swiggy Cheaper than Take Away Orders?

What is Swiggy? | Swiggy Food Order & Delivery Portal

Many people do not know ‘What is Swiggy’. We are giving here below the brief detail about ‘Swiggy’.

Swiggy is an Online Food Order & Delivery website. They have partnered with thousands of Restaurants in India.

If you want to save time and money, you can place an order for food online at Swiggy and you can get the food from your favorite restaurant within 20 to 30 minutes. Restaurant provide discounts to maximise their daily sales at swiggy.

Swiggy Business Model is based on the “Online food order and Delivery”.  They deliver food to the doorsteps of the customers. Carry-out or take away is different as mentioned below.

They have their own fleet of the delivery personnel. The delivery boys have their own bikes.  They deliver food in no time.  If you place ‘an online order for food at Swiggy’ from the nearest restaurant, the delivery boys will take away the food and deliver within a time frame of 30 to 40 Minutes.

Their average time per delivery is about 37 minutes. They take away only one order at a time.  You can check out how Swiggy gives Hefty Discounts on food:

What are Take Away Orders?

If you are in the market and think of buying food from your favorite restaurant on your own, you can; but it is always more expensive in comparison to Swiggy. The reason because you don’t get discount or cashback what you get at Swiggy. Check out plenty of Swiggy Coupons at CashFry.  Take away and Carry-Out are one, and the same.

How is Swiggy Cheaper than Take Away Orders?

At Swiggy there are plenty of offers, Discounts, and cashback if you place an order for food online at their portal or App “”.

We mention some of the discounts benefits on this Blog. You will be amazed to know that how easily you can save on ordering food online.

Not only this; even you can earn by referring Swiggy App to your friends and Relatives.

1. Swiggy First Order Coupon

If you are a New User and place an online order for food for the first time at Swiggy, you get plenty of discount Coupons and Offers. You can get up to Rs 100/-.

Therefore, hurry up and Grab the Swiggy First Order Coupons.

2. Cashback through Paytm, Freecharge, PhonePe, and Mobikwik

If you make payment through Paytm, Freecharge, PhonePe, and Mobikwik you get Cashback up to Rs 100/-.

Now suppose if you go to your favourite restaurant personally and place a “Take Away Order” for Afghani Chicken.  They would charge you Rs 350/-.  But if place an order at Swiggy and make payment online through any of the Wallets, you get Cashback or Instant Discount for using the wallet.  Practically, Afgani Chicken will cost you only Rs 250/-

You may check out Swiggy Paytm Offers. There are more ‘Online Wallets’ such as PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Lazy Pay have joined up Swiggy and you can get Discounts and Cashbacks by using the same.

3. Buy One, Get One Offer at Swiggy (BOGO Offers)

There are plenty of restaurants which offer “Buy 1 Get 1” offers at Swiggy.  It means if you place an order for one Pizza you will get Two Pizzas at the same cost.  In other words, you get 50% discount.

4. Swiggy Referral Code Offer

At Swiggy, there is a “Refer and Earn Program”.  You can refer it to your friend or relative and earn some amount of money.  There are the following terms:

Swiggy App Download: First of all, you download “Swiggy Delivery App” and sign up for the same.

  • First Order: If you want you can use the food delivery app and get Rs 100/- as a discount for First Time User. But it is not necessary to avail the benefit of the referral program. But you skip the benefit of “Swiggy First Order Coupons”
  • Referral Program is available only on Swiggy app.
  • On the Left side of the App, there is a “Refer and Earn” Button in the sidebar.
  • Refer to a Friend: If you click”Refer and Earn” button, you are given options for Whatsapp, Facebook, Mail, Skype, Or simply the NotePad.
  • You can save the link on Notepad or can send it to your friend on Whatsapp or other media.
  • Your friend will receive a message “Register on Swiggy with XXXXXX and Earn Rs 100. Download on”
  • Thus you and your friend get a Discount of Rs 100 on your next order of Rs 299 or above.
  • Rs 100 gets credited to your Swiggy Wallet.
  • This way you can earn as much money as you want.

5. Swiggy Free Delivery Coupon

Plenty of Restaurants such as Cafe Coffee Day, Subway and other Eateries offer Free Delivery. In different Cities, different restaurants have different schemes.

At times Swiggy offers Free Deliveries on any order above Rs 99.

You must check Swiggy Coupons for Existing Users, currently valid.  Sometimes Swiggy offers Free delivery on your Second Order, irrespective of the minimum order.

6. Swiggy Coupons & Offers: ICICI, HDFC, Axis

Plenty of Banks such as HDFC, Standard Chartered, SBII, ICICI Axis and other offer Discounts up to 15% if you make payment at Swiggy through their Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

There are Visa Card Offers as well.

You can checkout Swiggy Coupons ICICI at CashFry.

Recently a few more banks such as Amex, RBL, Kotak Mahindra have also joined up Swiggy.

7. Swiggy First 3 Orders Coupon

If you already have used Swiggy app for two times, you can place an order for 3rd time and get 50% Discount on your 3rd Order, maximum discount up to Rs 150.

Swiggy would soon start Delivery of Medicines and Groceries.  Therefore, hold on and wait for the miracles to happen in the Delivery Business.

You need not go away from your home or office.  Just get everything at your doorsteps. Swiggy has also started ‘Swiggy Pop’; if you read the article in this blog, you will come to know ‘What is Swiggy Pop‘.

How is Swiggy Cheaper than Take Away Orders?
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