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Best Air Coolers in India

The Best Air cooler for you is that which suits your requirement.  In India, Symphony Air coolers are considered as the best. They have developed their market with their exclusive product range and after sales services. You should choose a cooler according to the size of the room. The distance between you and the cooler also matters.  To find out a suitable cooler you can follow the guidelines as given below.

1. Area of the room:

You should measure the width, height and the length of the room. If you multiply all the three, it will give you the Cubic area of the room.  To utilize the Best Air Cooler you should also check out the place where you want to put the air cooler.  The distance between you and the air cooler also matters.  The Brand Symphony will only help if you know How to make the Air Cooler Efficient. Suppose you want to put the cooler near the dining table. If you want to cover more area, you shall have to increase the distance between the cooler and the target area.

2. Types of Cooler

There are broadly two types of Coolers: Portable Coolers and the Desert Coolers.  Portable Coolers are small coolers and the desert coolers are the jumbo big coolers. You have to decide whether you want the desert cooler or the portable small cooler.  Coolers are bifurcated according to the capacity of the water tank attached to it.  Coolers should have wheels to move around. These days, almost all the Symphony air coolers have got wheels. You have to choose the best air cooler according to your need and purpose.

3. Water Level Controller

You can check out whether the cooler has got a Water Level controller or not.  Some of the best desert air coolers have got this feature.  If there is no water level controller, at least there should be a water level indicator.  Most of the Symphony air Coolers have got the water level indicators.

4. Thickness of Pads

You should check out the thickness of the pads in the three sides of the air cooler.  Symphony Air Coolers are perfectly manufactured.  They keep the thickness of the pads according to the size of the cooler.  The best air cooler has got the suitable pads so that the cooler may work efficiently.

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Best Symphony Air Coolers

Symphony coolers are sold in more than 60 countries. It is an Indian MNC, the world’s largest producer of Air Coolers. Their coolers are of innovative design, environment-friendly. They are the market leaders for manufacturing and supplying air coolers. They produce coolers for home, factory and offices as per the requirements.

The company was founded in 1988. They have engineered a new category of evaporative air cooling in India. They are regularly innovating stylish designs. They have been awarded the Guinness World Record for making the largest functioning air coolers.

Best Symphony Coolers of Capacity 8 to 20 Ltrs

Symphony Diet 12T 12 Litre – with i-Pure Technology

Best Air Cooler in India Best Symphony Air Cooler

It is a personal Air Cooler. It has got the following salient features:

  • This is a small cooler suitable for spot cooling
  • It may be used in a small cabin or a small room
  • Water Capacity is 12 Litres
  • This Cooler is Ideal for room size up to 1000 ft3 (Cubic feet) means 10x10x10.
  • The drain plug is given at the lower back side of the water tank
  • It has got Multi-directional wheels
  • The cooler has got High-efficiency honeycomb pads
  • It has got 30 ft distance Air Throw
  • Power Consumption: 170 Watts
  • There are three options for the speed
  • Ice Chamber is not given
  • Not Suitable for Top Floor Rooms
  • Warranty of 1 year is given
  • Cross ventilation is recommended in all the coolers

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Best Air Cooler in India | Best Symphony Air Cooler
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