Why Summer Holidays in Hills? The Best Hill Stations in India

Why Summer Holidays in Hills? The Best Hill Stations in India
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Why Summer Holidays in Hills

Holiday on the hills should be one and only mission in summers regardless of whether you are an itinerant person or not.

The very idea can run a chill of thrill in your veins, provide a feeling of ecstasy and a burst of energy. All of this starts the very second you visualize a trip to some hill station. You get charged with enthusiasm, relief, excitement, joy, and exhilaration all a once. Not only will this trip be a stress buster but also prove a wonderful way of getting to know yourself and the world.

So, no matter what, it is about time to book your tickets, pack your stuff and scoot!

If you are still not convinced, let me give you some reasons why you should go on a holiday.

1. Embrace an adventure: out of the blue trip to a beautiful hill station will surely give you that buzz you need in the vacations. Anything that can take away monotony is adventurous. See the breathtaking sights, take nature walks, mingle with the hill folk, try local cuisine and for once forget the time. Move with the flow, let every inch of you tingle with fun. Believe me, when you go back to your routine life, you are going to thank me for enticing you to take the trip.

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2. Break your comfort zone: we all love our so-called safe zone and thereby knowingly miss out on life. Anything can happen anywhere! Shake it off! A refreshing trip can transform you to an incredibly happy person. Every experience will give you thrill. The more you discover, the more you will enjoy and marvel at the enormity of the world and all the wonderful places waiting for you to explore. Once outside your comfort zone, you will, first of all discover yourself, as right from the word ‘go’ you will find yourself attending to the requirements of the trip. This is a test of your presence of mind and problem solving abilities and before the trip is over you will have discovered a more resilient and independent you.

3. Beat the heat and replenish your energy: with mercury soaring up in the plains what can give you more relief than a visit to a hill station? Work stress and pressure takes its toll on your body, mind and soul and there is an urgent need to relax and unwind. However small, a holiday trip to a hill station will energize your body and lift up your spirits which in turn will increase your work efficiency. On your return, surprise everyone with your freshness and renewed zest for work and life.

4. Pollution free and pocket-friendly: when planning a trip to a hill station, all you need to do is book your travel tickets and stay. To most hill destinations, road transport is the only means and that is pretty cheap. Fresh air, lush surroundings, plenty of sunshine and enough scope for outdoor ramblings will not disturb your budget at all. Most hill stations bar heavy vehicles and even cars in market areas, so no traffic jams and no pollution!

5. Create memories and store experiences: you are stuck to earning your living in the cities but who is stopping you from taking breaks? You don’t need to tolerate the sweltering heat throughout the summers. Take a trip, even if short. Fill this trip with fresh air, outdoor activities and plenty of pictures. Share your pictures with friends. Share your happiness. When back at work, you begin to feel the pressure, re-live your experiences, re-create that fun and notice how this will lift up your sagging spirits.

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Believe me, nothing can compare life-changing experiences, all the fun and genuine revival of yourself that can be had from one such trip.

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