What are different Types of Bed Sheets in India?

Bed sheets are divided into different categories according to their Sizes, Material Used, Styles and Fabrics. You can buy any type of Bed Sheet online as per your requirements.

1. Size of Bed Sheets
2. Material Used
3. Styles
4. Fabrics

Size of Bed Sheets:

Broadly, there are Single Bed Sheets and Double Bedsheets.  Single Bed Sheets are used for Dewans, Single Cots or Single Beds; and Double Bed Sheets are used for the Double Beds. Normal Size of Double Bed Sheet is 7.50 feet x 8.30 feet (2250 mm x 2500 mm).  Size of King-Size Bedsheet is 9.0 feet x 9 feet (2750 mm x 2750 mm). Size of Single Bed Sheets is 5 feet x 7.5 feet (1500 mm x 2500 mm).  The Bigger size is 6.3 feet x 8.5 feet (1900 mm x 2540 mm). These are the approximate sizes of bed sheets. You should always take the measurements of the bed and then buy the bed sheets.

Material Used:

You can buy Cotton Bed Sheets, Synthetic, Silk, Bamboo, Linen, Jute Mixed and plenty of other Blended Fabrics. There are 100 Cotton Bed Sheets with a Flannel effect.  In the case of Flannel, the fabric is combed to fluff up the fibers which give a very soft feel.  Synthetic Fabric may be anything like Polyester, Acrylic, Nylon, Viscose or any other Fibre. Silk has two qualities, the one is artificial silk and the other is original silk. Artificial Silk is basically 100% Rayon Filament.  Rayon Filament is Viscose Filament made out of Cellulose, collected from trees. Technical properties of Viscose resembles to Cotton fiber. The other fabrics are Bamboo, Linen and Jute mixed. It all depends what feel of the fabric, you want.


a. Plain Single Coloured Bed Sheets
b. Printed Bed Sheets
c. Woven Checks
d. Patchwork
e. Embroidered Bed Sheets

a. Plain Single Coloured Bed Sheets:

The styles mentioned above clearly explain the type of bedsheets. You can buy any plain bed sheet in any color Light, Medium or Dark.  The fabric is processed later. There are 100% Cotton Bleached White bed sheets which are generally used in hotels and hospitals. They use white bleached bed sheets to ensure that these are the washed, cleaned and disinfected for protection of the visitors or the patients.

b. Printed Bed Sheets:

Printed Bed Sheets are printed. You can identify these bed sheets very easily. You will find the designs and prints on one side.  The other side does not have the prints and the designs. You have to take care while washing these bedsheets. The hot water in fully automatic machines should not be very hot. In other words, I can say that if the water is near boiling, it would wash out the prints on the Cotton Fabric slowly and steadily.

c. Woven Checks:

In this case, the design on both sides of the fabric is the same. Woven Checked Fabric is made out of the Coloured yarns.  There, it gives the same effect on both sides.

d. Patchwork:

Patchwork bed sheets are made by using different fabrics. Some of the patches of fabric are cut in the shape of flowers or abstract designs and attached to the background main fabric sheet. This patchwork gives a good look to the bed sheets.

e. Embroidered Bed Sheets:

In this case, embroidery is done on the main fabric sheet. You can buy a flower embroidered or any other designs.

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Fabrics are distinguished from one another depending upon the weave and feel of the fabric.  There can be plain weave bed sheets, Satin, Brocade, and Many others as mentioned below.

a. Satin is a synonym of softness. The weave of the fabric is different from the plain weave.

b. Percale Fabrics are somewhat like plain weave. This fabric has got a very cool crisp texture and is made out of very fine yarn.

c. Seersucker fabrics are puckered on its surface. These sheets are used in warm weather because these are cool in its feel.

d. Jersey Knit fabrics are very soft in feel. Many people prefer knit single jersey fabrics for bedsheets.

c. Chennile fabrics are fluffy and are used for bedsheets.

You have to take care while washing the bed sheets. Some of the bed sheets such as Silk Sheets are dry cleaned. All expensive bed sheets should dry cleaned.

There are different types of Beds in different sizes.  Therefore, you should buy the bed sheets accordingly.

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