Varkala Beach Resort | Papanasam Beach | Sivagiri Mutt

Varkala Beach Resort | Papanasam Beach | Sivagiri Mutt
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Varkala– where fun, foam and frolic come together. Visit the Great Varkala resort there. Varkala is only 50 km. from Kerala’s capital city of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and just 57 km. away from its Airport. Varkala’s Papanasam beach is only 3 km. away from the city railway station. Varkala is a hot favourite for visitors as it has a beautiful beach and is also noted for its 2000-year-old Vishnu temple.  You can book your Hotel and Flight at Discounted Price with Yatra Coupons

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Papanasam Beach

papanasam beach kerala sight seeing

The beach is world famous for its natural medicinal properties. A dip in the waters of this beach is thoroughly invigorating and is believed to cleanse the body of physical impurities as well as a clogged mind, thereby washing away all sins. Saints and scholars, past and present, have affirmed that the impurities are washed away with just one dip in these healing waters.

Hindus believe that ashes of the dead, when immersed here, will wash away their sins and will reward them with eternal salvation.

Sivagiri Mutt

sivagiri mutt kerala sight seeing

Sivagiri Mutt, founded by the famed philosopher and Hindu reformer, Shri Narayana Guru, is a center of a tourist attraction with a multitude of tourists from all over India visiting his Samadhi (resting place). The Siivagiri pilgrimage days commence on 30th Dec. and ends on 01st January at which time many thousands of pilgrims visit Sivagiri Mutt.

Varkala Beach

varkala beach kerala sightseeing

Varkala beach offers a very peaceful atmosphere for relaxation, peace, and tranquillity. By way of comparison, Kovalam beach is noisy and chaotic and is certainly not the hideout for peace and nature lovers and those seeking solitude. Varkala beach, on the other hand, is bordered by a swaying greenery of coconut palms and is unique for its white sands and prominent pink laterite cliffs adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Geologist call this unique natural showcase the Varkala Formation. Natural springs that gush out from the laterite cliffs contain various minerals which have medicinal properties.

The best time to visit Varkala is during the months of October to February where the temperature is comfortable, the days bright and sunny and the nights clear and serene. Tourists avoid the months of May to August as heavy rains lash this coastal region.

Ayurvedic Massage Centres

Tourists visiting Varkala have the opportunity to experience the age-old Ayurvedic herbal medicinal practice.  Here treatments of all kinds of maladies are cured through medicine and body massage.

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