Womens Footwear & Shoes for Walking, Running

Today’s women have evolved so much that you will be amazed to see how they were and what they are now. They have always been loving, kind and caring, but now they are also known for being leaders who are fierce, strong and independent. In this modern and competitive world, women have made their presence felt and are an integral part of this society. Everything today is in the fast forward mode. With so much running around to do, it’s very important for women to take care of themselves. Eating healthy, working out, sleeping well – they all go hand in hand for a healthy, balanced life.

Womens Footwear


Walking is the best thing that you can do for your body, apart from eating clean and sleeping well. Whenever you buy footwear, make sure it’s not just fashionable and soothing to the eyes, but it is also comfortable and good for your feet. Women often go with big brands and how the shoes look; they ignore their comfort. Everyone has so many shoes hidden in the closet which are hardly ever worn and if worn, will hardly be for a few hours.

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For modern women, it’s important to have the shoes listed below, which are not only comfortable but also look great and don’t have a negative impact on your walking style.

Formal Walking Shoes:

You can go with a beige, black, grey or brown color formal shoe. They come with or without laces (you pick the one you prefer). They go great with formal wear and complete the office look. They look neat and are very comfortable. So if you are a person who likes walking (if you don’t, you should), this is a great pick!

Formal Shoes for Women

Flats with slight cushion:

A complete flat slipper may give you a sore sole. Always pick a flat with a soft cushioning to support your sole. They come in different colors, so if you are not into formals, you can buy these in different colors and pair them with your attire. They look pretty trendy and can be termed both – formal and casual wear; and cause your soles no harm, even if you have to walk a few blocks in them.

Heels with support:

Sounds strange? Trust me, it isn’t. I am talking about a heel like wedges. They give you complete support (toe to ankle) and there are fewer chances that you will twist your ankle. So even if you dance or walk, you will be at ease. It’s better to have a black/silver or golden wedge because we all have those special occasions where heels are a must and they also should go well with the dress. Even wedges now are coming with cushioning for extra care and comfort.

Walking & Running Shoes:

I can’t stress enough on how important these shoes are for all. We all have to get those legs walking and be fit to face the world we live in. Again, while choosing these, look for a colour that you like, to go with what you are wearing and don’t forget to check for support, grip and cushioning. If you prefer walking to work, you can always wear these and when you get to work, you can change your footwear (keep a pair with you). This way, you have taken care of your feet and health and at the same time you have something for the whole day at work.

Running Shoes for Women

I hope these tips were helpful to you. Do take care of yourself and let those legs walk and enjoy the lovely footwear you will be gifting yourself or a fellow woman you care about. You can purchase all of the above, online, at a great price

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